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It's Christmas when it *looks* like Christmas

Many people believe that Christ wasn't actually born on December 25th, but that the feast of Christmas time was in fact a convenient highlight of an otherwise dull bleak winter. Long ago, a pagan festival was held at almost exactly the same time of year, for the same reason.

Now that weather systems, for whatever reason, are bringing us milder Decembers, I think we should change the system.

I propose that the religious worship continue on December 25th, but that the commercial paraphernalia should kick in once we get more than a dusting of snow. "Weather now, and meteorologists announced today the it was officially Christmas after an inch an a half of now fell in Bracknell earlier. So, merry Christmas, folks."

When everything starts to look like Christmas, we rush out and buy the tree, turkey, lights, and presents. As well as guaranteeing a white Christmas, this would have the blessed side effect of putting an end to months of commercials leading up to December 25th.

If there was no snow in a given year, there would be no Christmas, but you'd save your money for next year's "Rollover Christmas" teaching kids that it really was a special time of year (because it might not happen next year at all!)

By the way, it's snowing where I am... Merry Christmas!
-- Fishrat, Jan 28 2004

I'm puzzled... http://www.kcmetro....s/crosby/wxmas.html
Why do we want to mess around with Christmas to suit a song written by a Jew about Los Angeles? (It's the Los Angeles part that concerns me, not the Jewish bit.) [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

our household experimented this year having our traditional turkey dinner and gift giving a few weeks ago. January 17th to be exact. This saved us all money in the long run since we'd do our "chrismas" shopping during boxing day when the deals were out and the turkeys on sale.

It's snowing here also.. "Merry Christmas" [+]
-- v0rtexx, Jan 29 2004

that would be a really big bummer, since in Texas it can easily go years without snowing. It will dust a bit, then the sun is out and its gone. And those poor Jamacians, they will NEVER have christmas. Is that fair?!?
-- babyhawk, Jan 29 2004

That sounds very unfair. The idea was based on my UK experiences so I was proposing it for places with similar climates. Countries/states could have the option to opt in or out. It could be equally bad if you lives somewhere so cold that you had to enjoy Christmas all year round.
-- Fishrat, Jan 29 2004

That means I would have had Xmas for 40 minutes yesterday as I suspect that's all the snow we'll get here this year.
-- oneoffdave, Jan 29 2004

Sorry, don't like this. Christmas is fine where it is, a highlight right in the middle of all those long dark nights. Commercials? You mean you actually watch television? Oh dear.
-- saker, Jan 29 2004

Christmas and snow don't really have anything to do with each other (aside from that damn song). Don't get it.
-- waugsqueke, Jan 29 2004

which one? "it's going to be a blue, blue christmas"
-- po, Jan 29 2004

It did look very festive in the good ole' Thames Valley yesterday evening - especially when the power cut hit. This weird white glow reflected off the base of the snow clouds. People were happy. +
-- PeterSilly, Jan 29 2004

I just trundled into work on a dark bus along a dark stretch of road into a dark town... If anyone could use some Christmas in Jan-Feb it is this poor, miserable excuse for a city.

I give you a bun decked in holly and ivy, balanced on an angel. +

Merry Christmas, [Fishrat].
-- k_sra, Jan 29 2004

It's snowing in November and I didn't buy anyone gifts yet. Is the mall open?
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jan 29 2004

Merry effing Xmas.
I agree with [Fishrat]

p.s. Panic Buying - you gotta love it!
-- gnomethang, Jan 29 2004

hahaha! Your fatih in the weather community is amusing! Anyhow in the past couple of years we have had plenty of snow where I am. And thats in like ...Ohio or something like that!
-- Space-Pope, Jan 29 2004

"Many people believe that Christ wasn't actually born on December 25th" - actually, I thought that *no one* believed that Christ was born on December 25: that is just when we celebrate his birth.

Btw, the assembled theosophers of the web seem to agree that Christ was actually born September or October.
-- DrCurry, Jan 29 2004

Merry christmas to all indeed. I never understood why people wanted to celebrate the birth of Santa Claus only one day each year. It'd be great to have everyone wishing merry christmas when it snows. Except maybe for non-ironical Korn-listeners. Plus, There should be extra illumination in the streets all winter, for medical reasons. Oh, and I don't know about the song; I'm just the Ally Mc Beal type. [+]
-- sidi, Jan 29 2004

True too. So let's just say everybody keeps christmas where it is, and everyone acts christmassy when it snows (and we keep the decorations all winter!!), without the actual chrismas party (except for those who can afford it of course).
-- sidi, Jan 29 2004

Just when it snows or all the time?
-- waugsqueke, Jan 29 2004

Sounds like great fun to me...but let's spread it out, not all on the same day.
-- normzone, Jan 29 2004

Nice, UB. I think the overhead dripping offerings would create a nice pattern in the snow. I hear what you're saying about being down under, but hey, anticipation is better than fulfilment. Happy Keatsian Christmas.
-- Fishrat, Jan 30 2004

So if you don't get christmas, you get some pretty sweet weather year-round. That's a good trade-off. Buy yourself something nice every once in a while.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jan 30 2004

Let's go the whole way, and celebrate the birth of the Easter Bunny on 16 August, give presents and decorate our hoses, shops and streets with giant styrene carrots. spend spend spend. What about the birth of the Tooth Fairy on 9th April, decorate our houses, shops and streets with giant styrene fangs. We can have midnight prayers every four months and massive holy spending sprees buying unwanted gifts three times a year. Wow!
-- fusty, Jan 30 2004

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