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Movie Screen Saver   (+11)  [vote for, against]
Simulate what you seen when a film projector loses it.

Screen saver that starts with the image of your workspace then starts to add vertical scratches that you see when watching an old copy of a film. Occasionally those circles that appear in the upper corner will appear and disappear. Finally the whole image starts to flicker and you start see the little holes along the side of the film as the image starts go sideways, finally flipping over a few time and coming to a halt where it then procedes to turn brown, bubble and then burn away leaving a smoldering mess.
-- blahginger, Dec 14 2000

-- beauxeault, Dec 15 2000

You should be able to order specific scenes from movies, so that you can watch horrible scenes from movies you hate shrivel and die.
-- canitbee, Jul 24 2002

It should burn too
-- FireBath, Oct 14 2003

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