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Culture: Television: Derived Work
Mr Mad Men   (+5)  [vote for, against]

Roger Hargreaves' brilliant story of advertising executives in 1960's New York.
-- hippo, Sep 27 2010

Mr Men (1977)
Narrated by Arthur Lowe. [Jinbish, Sep 27 2010]

"Mr Men Show"
Not narrated by Arthur Lowe [Jinbish, Sep 27 2010]

Unless you get Arthur Lowe to narrate it, it'll be a fishbone from me. Everything Mr. Men, in recent years, is just not the same without him.(Geoffrey Palmer had a valiant effort in the 90s)

Also - trying to reconcile Don Draper & Joan Holloway with Mr Cool & Little Miss Splendid
-- Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

OK, I'll get Arthur Lowe to narrate it.
-- hippo, Sep 27 2010

Good man.
-- Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

He died in 1982, so the narration will be entirely made up from cutting and splicing existing Mr Men narrations.
-- hippo, Sep 27 2010

"Don't tell 'im Pike!"
-- Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

How about a _real_ Mr. Mad Med? Mr. Manic Depressive, Mr. Tourette's, Mr. Schizophrenia? Much hilarity ensues.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2010

Mr Mad Max, beyond the Thunderdome. In which Mr Happy, Mr Stong and Mr Bump all live in a post-apocalyptic scavenger society run by Little Miss Tina Turner. Mr Mad Max turns up, with his chainsaw and triggers a societal revolution before driving off with all the oil.
-- zen_tom, Sep 27 2010

Mr Madam, In which Mr Happy, Mr Strong and Mr Bump travel across Australia in a tour bus called Priscilla and people call them rude names.
-- DrBob, Sep 27 2010

Mr Point, in which Mr Shrub, Mr Wolf and Mr Rumpot invade a few Middle Eastern countries and mire their country in an endless, unwinnable war.
-- infidel, Sep 27 2010

All the President's Mr. Men... etc., etc.
-- Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

Mr. ’Baker, in which a load of lonely guys get their thrills from reading a dubious website.
-- pocmloc, Sep 27 2010

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