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Three partitions, four taps...

Three chambered Beer Keg with four taps. Special order any three beers, or choose from a variety of popular variety series kegs. Here's a sample:

Anheuser-Busch Midgrade Series
A) Budweiser
B) Bud Light
C) Bud Dry
or the ever-popular
D) All of the above.

Can also be configured for specialty drinks:

Import Series
A) Guinness
B) Bass
C) Bass Light
or the ever-popular
D) Black and Tan

Or Frat parties:

Budget Series
A) Milwaukee's Best
B) Busch Light
C) Natural Light
or the ever-popular
D) After 8 of these, it all tastes the same to me..

You get the idea. Drink up.
-- Mr Burns, Oct 10 2002

Your first suggestion reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer visits the Duff brewery. Duff light, regular and another one were being put into their respective vats from the same pipe
-- dare99, Oct 10 2002

The reason why Anheuser-Busch Midgrade Series and Budget Series are available in 32 and/or 40 oz. bottles is: by the time half the contents are consumed, the remaining half seems palatable. Import series for me.
-- thumbwax, Oct 10 2002

Tramps' Choice
A) Special Brew
B) Ice Dragon
C) Tennents Extra
or the ever popular
D) White Lighting

Thanks to you I'm now going to have to mix myself a black and tan tonight. Remind me - it's a small can of Gold Label lager and a small can of Mackeson's Stout isn't it? Only had it once, but it was great. It's one of Alex Higgins' favourite drinks, so it will also be in honour of his rumoured comeback. That will be my excuse at AA next week anyway.
-- sild, Oct 10 2002

Why? What does this idea accomplish that can't be done with multiple kegs?
-- phoenix, Oct 10 2002

And multiple kegs would involve drinking more to finish them, which seems like a far better way of getting drunk. Of course if this isn't your intention then you'd only stick to one beer anyway because after a while they tend to taste the same anyway. As for student parties, there's nothing quite like a big brand new dustbin and as much drink as you can pour into it. Surely by restricting the contents to just beer you end up with the same kind of thing and state of inebriation?
-- Miss Weston Smith, Oct 10 2002

[sild]: Try Sweet Black and Tan..its with "Sweetheart" Stout. I've never tried it myself. But I've served it to a couple of jakeys in my time.
-- Jinbish, Oct 10 2002

Pheonix: Does your keg-o-rator hold three kegs? Mine doesn't. . ...

Sild: A Black and Tan here is 1/2 pint Guinness Draught, and 1/2 pint of Bass Ale poured carefully over the back of a spoon to prevent them from mixing. Varies by region, I guess.

(I know fish goes good with beer, but I could use some bread to soak up all this alcohol)
-- Mr Burns, Oct 10 2002

Keg-o-rator. Heh. You've got me there.
-- phoenix, Oct 10 2002

In that world-famous resort of the Beautiful People - Yates's Wine Lodge, Liverpool - the inmates (?) of the female persuasion tend towards as drink retailed under the appelation of White Lighting - a bottle of Diamond White cider mixed with half a pint of Australian sweet sherry, and served in a pint glass. It's a very, very frightening place.

The alternative tipple seemed to be Snakebite made with Merrydown cider and Carlsberg Special Brew.

I thought Tramp's Delight was Methylated spirit mixed with either Woodpecker cider ot Buckfast wine ?
-- 8th of 7, Oct 10 2002

I would like a "halfbakery" multi-chamber keg with the following options:

Nicorette beer
Glow in the dark beer
Marijuana beer
and Star Trek beer

Served, naturally by Beer Zombies
-- blissmiss, Oct 10 2002

Order filled, pending payment approval. :)
-- Mr Burns, Oct 10 2002

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