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Sport: Exercise: Equipment: Resistance
Muscle Spasm Simulator   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Tighten a garment as a form of resistance for muscle training.

Embed either solid magnets or charged magnets within garments, so that the wearer must move against resistance wrought by electrostatic charges. Some muscle groups might be passively stimulated to work harder by the intermittent tension provided by tightening of fabric gussets across those muscle groups' skeletal pivots.

Rather than active resistance such as that provided by pulling on bands or bungees, or muscle tension provided by galvanic stimulation of the skin, the Muscle Spasm Simulator will produce a broad pull to the side of a major muscle group providing resistance against which the muscle group and its accessory groups will 'bulk up'. One way to describe the effect would be point to the difference in diaphragm tension when pressure is applied above it (less) versus below it (more).

Since a natural muscle state is anything but stiff, to overcome resistance muscles will respond in a natural way without conscious effort by the wearer of the garment. This is proposed as one method to achieve core strengthening in moderately active people without aerobic ability.
-- reensure, Aug 06 2011

Possessed Hand
Do you want to play the violin, but can't be bothered to learn how? Then strap on this electric finger stimulator called PossessedHand that makes your fingers move with no input from your own brain. [LoriZ, Aug 08 2011]

Hi [reensure], This sounds like the movements would be Frankenstein-like. But I could be wrong.
-- blissmiss, Aug 08 2011

Bun for inducing Frankenstein-like movements.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2011

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