Food: Toast
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No, not toast that plays music...

Just a toaster attached to an iPod or similar music player, and all you do is pop the toast in, put on your favourite song, press play, make coffee, etc, and when the song finishes, the toast pops out!
-- froglet, Feb 22 2005

Mickey Mouse Toaster http://www.gizmodo....-toaster-033222.php
[po, Feb 22 2005]

Vatican Broadside http://www.lyricsju...ican+Broadside.html
nicely cheery for your morning toast [calum, Feb 22 2005]

The Wiesel http://homepage.eir...w-wiesel-tow_04.jpg
that's a helluva pop to bear first thing in the morning. [calum, Feb 22 2005]

Meet Mr. Toast. http://www.theimagi.../meetmrtoast06.html
[bristolz, Feb 22 2005]

Yeah Toast!
[zen_tom, Mar 15 2007]

Heh. You can have your toast set at an anemic "Vatican Broadside" (aka "the Slipknot Song") or charcoal "Autobahn."

Alternatively, of course, you could adjust the power of the heating elements so that cooking the toast to whatever darkness is prepared always takes the length of whatever tune you want. Two dials that way and, as everyone knows, twin knobs are more fun to twiddle.
-- calum, Feb 22 2005

Oh no, not another slipknottter, that's got to be the slankiest, woa.

I'm presuming that the audio drives a thousand watt amp that runs the toaster.
-- mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

unfortunantly [mensmaximus], no, it is not powered by a thousand watt amp, it's just a regular toaster, with a dial so as that you can say how well-done you want your toast, and the toaster adjust the little heating-things accordingly to how long the music is played.

Slipknot is ok, so long as you like listening to your personal stereo with earplugs in, and you don't mind the fact that they can't sing at all.
-- froglet, Feb 22 2005

I wanted to make a mini cd player that looked like a bagel. Although now that I think of it a mini cd case might be a good idea...
-- finrod, Feb 22 2005

Mine's broken. It only plays "pop goes the weasel".
-- Worldgineer, Feb 22 2005

what's a wiesel?
-- po, Feb 22 2005

hmmm. imagine if you were stuck in a traffic jam with that [Worldgineer].

'We gots the cabin fe-vah, we gots the cabin fe-vah!!'
-- froglet, Feb 22 2005

Damn my spelling. Google backed me up, and even showed me a picture of a weasel (spelled wiesel). Of course, that just proves that others can misspell as well as I can.
-- Worldgineer, Feb 22 2005

wiesels are a protected species.
-- po, Feb 22 2005

How do you figure?
-- Worldgineer, Feb 22 2005

I've seen a wiesel in a diesel.
-- mensmaximus, Feb 23 2005

So if the song is really long, like "When the Music's Over" by the Doors, will the toast burn?
-- Machiavelli, Feb 23 2005

Like a funeral pyre? heh.
-- Machiavelli, Feb 23 2005

Sorry, if you play really long songs, it won't burn, you just set the toaster as to how you want it, and the toaster compensates accordingly. I'm now imagining someone who listens to the whole of the opera getting toast moderately done within 3 hours...
-- froglet, Feb 23 2005

<obligatory> This toaster goes to eleven.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 23 2005

I get up in the morning ‘bout six A.M. Have a little jelly, have a little jam Take a piece of bread, put it in the slot Push down the lever and the wires get hot, I get toast. YEAH, TOAST! YEAH, TOAST!

Now, there’s no secret to toasting perfection There’s a dial on the side and you make your selection Push to the dark or the light and then If it pops too soon, press down again Make toast. YEAH, TOAST! YEAH, TOAST!

When the first caveman drove in from the drags Didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs Must have met a genius, got it in his head Plug the toaster in the wall, buy a bag of bread Make toast. YEAH, TOAST! YEAH, TOAST!

Oui Monsieur, bonjour coquette, Une croissant? Et vous auvent? Maurice Chevalier, Eiffel Tower, Oui Marie, baguette, bonsoir! FRENCH TOAST! FRENCH TOAST!

-- skinflaps, Feb 23 2005

[skinflaps] Everything is okay, just sit there quietly until the men in white coats come...

I liked the 'Ode to Toast', though!
-- froglet, Feb 23 2005

[flaps] Was that the Streetband version of the song? I don't remember the French bit.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 23 2005

"Burnin' and Toastin'"
-- hippo, Feb 23 2005

<applause> That was wonderful, [skinflaps]!
-- Machiavelli, Feb 23 2005

Buns 'n Toasties.
-- gnomethang, Feb 23 2005

<more applause for [skinflaps]> YEAH TOAST!
-- zen_tom, Mar 15 2007

Lol. When reading the title of your post I thought the toast was going to play music, not the toaster :-D
-- Basouille, Mar 28 2009

mmmm... music
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 28 2009

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