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Musical machine gun   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Play songs with bullets.

A rotating barrel machine gun with a variable speed drive that can play single tone multi frequency songs. When fired at a target that makes ricocheting sounds, the melody becomes audible. They already figured out how to play songs with a Formula 1 engine, so with the rotating barrel of a minigun, it probably can be done.
-- Amishman35, Dec 03 2006

The frequency of the ricocheting bullets changes?

If I've got this right...(?)

You have to know the precise point of impact, the material at that point, the surface angle, and angle of incidence, in order to estimate the spin rate (sound frequency)...

..So, unless you knew all of that, you probably couldn't fire at whatever you wanted (you'd have to aim at the objects whose materials and angles match the frequency required by the tune.)

Some synths (e.g. DX7) and sound cards MIDI notes which sound like ricochets.

-- Dub, Dec 03 2006

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