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My TV mute is ON or OFF, and I would like it to be better.

It's Friday evening and I'm listening to Planet Rock. (Alice Cooper's show, since you ask.) There are are some songs that I don't want to listen to at all, some that I want to listen to at normal volume, and some that I want at high volume (because, this being Friday evening, I'm in the mood for playing along with them; for those who don't know, I play guitar).

Sure, I can use <MUTE> for case 1 and <UN-MUTE> for either case 2 or case 3, against some preset volume level, and adjust the volume manually for he other option, but I'd like an extra MUTE-ISH button, just to save me the trouble.
-- angel, Apr 20 2012

Our stereo reciever and the last two televisions we've owned have 'MUTE, 1/2-MUTE, Full-volume' features. My Dad's TV does, too, come to think of it. Check your local Home Entertainment department.
-- Alterother, Apr 20 2012

And maybe an "emo" button. It plays 'The Cure' when it is depressed.
-- 4whom, Apr 21 2012

Nothing wrong with that. And fie upon you, calling The Cure emo. Fie!
-- Alterother, Apr 21 2012

If The Cure didn't cause you to emote in anyway, then I contend that you, sir, are not a true fan!
-- 4whom, Apr 21 2012

Emote, yes, in the most passionate senses. But I dislike the new genre that has come to be known as 'emo' and dislike as well any comparison or association.

As to your contention, 'Disintegration' is one of my desert- island albums.
-- Alterother, Apr 21 2012

Ok, I take it back. Anyone that wants to listen to "In the same deep water as you" on a desert island, wins.
-- 4whom, Apr 21 2012

Heh. I didn't even think of that.

Whoops... WAY off-topic...
-- Alterother, Apr 21 2012

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