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Naan Machine   (+25, -2)  [vote for, against]
Like a bread machine, but for naan.

This amazing machine combines all the necessary ingredients, mixes and rises the dough, then individually bakes small flattened globs of dough in the built-in tandoor oven. Yumminess guaranteed.

Besides homemade Indian food, try naan with:

sloppy Joe, cream chipped beef, baked beans, eggs Benedict, Chinese takeout, fajitas, spaghetti, hummus, salsa or guacamole, Navajo tacos,...

or just eat them by themselves.
-- kaeru, Oct 11 2005

Narn = Naan? http://www.code7r.o...images/nafeel01.jpg
[zen_tom, Oct 11 2005]

(semi) Compact Roti Maker http://kmenterprise.../Ultra-Compact.html
Won't fit on your counter-top, but might roll in next to the stove. [reensure, Oct 14 2005]

Good Ghod yes.
-- 5th Earth, Oct 11 2005

Definitley a crossaint. No wait, a naan.
-- PollyNo9, Oct 11 2005

it truly is an amazing machine.
-- benfrost, Oct 11 2005

//Any thoughts as to how the machine would break the dough up in to smaller pieces for individual baking?//

I was thinking that the dough globs would be pinched off into a spinning cylinder that would flatten the dough before hurling it into the tandoor. That's right; I have no clue.
-- kaeru, Oct 11 2005

I prefer to cook my naan on an iron skillet under a broiler (just let it heat up till a flour dusting will brown first). Tandoors are a bit of a pain to carry around.

have iron skillet, will travel.
but I’ll give it a (+) none the less.
-- cjacks, Oct 11 2005

<thread-jack-in-style-of sci-fi-geek-moment>
Did anyone else find it strangely coincidental that the race in Babylon-5 that most looked like naan bread, were called, "The Narn"? </tjisosfgm>
-- zen_tom, Oct 11 2005

Don't want to be the voice of dissent here, but this is being very well bunned for what is just a slightly modified breadmaker. Oh well, such is the mystery of the 'bakery.
-- wagster, Oct 11 2005

naanotate - a flattened comment
-- xenzag, Oct 11 2005

[wagster], that's because everyone's mouths are watering at the thought of fresh nan. This is truly a must-have kitchen appliance.
-- oldchina, Oct 13 2005

Next up, a toaster type device that hurls poppadoms?
-- skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

Poppadom-frisbee: there's potential there. First one to make it into a good idea wins some croissants.
-- wagster, Oct 13 2005

Croissant maker?
-- rambling_sid, Oct 14 2005

If you give me naan, I'll give you a bun no matter how wobbly or possibly baked beyond belief the idea is. +
-- squeak, Oct 14 2005

My neighbor makes roti all the time ... it looks like naan. Nonetheless ,,, yummy. If anyone wants to make a versatile machine, it must produce macaroons as well.
-- reensure, Oct 14 2005

This invention is Naan-sense (+)
-- energy guy, Oct 14 2005

You don't know naan about naan. (ebonic reference: 'nann' means nothing. Amongst many other translations. Such is ebonics.)
-- daseva, Oct 14 2005

The wonders of naanotechnology.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2005

[Unabubba]:Show me the Monet.
-- neilp, Oct 15 2005

Good budda yes
-- Voice, Aug 17 2008

If this ever makes a nan, it will become unstable and self destruct. This reminds me of a song.

One little, two little, three little dirty nans, four little, five little, six little dirty nans, seven little, eight little, nine little dirty nans -- ten little filthy nans!

There were ten in the bed, and the little one said, 'postdecrement, postdecrement' So they all postdecremented and everything self destructed.
-- mylodon, Aug 18 2008

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