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Name a grain of sand after someone

Just like the Name a Star companies, here you can have and own a piece of the earth with your own or a loved one’s name. It is said that there are as many stars in the universe as there are grains of sand on Earth. So, here at Name-A-Grain, we think that it is much better to have your grain in your own possession than to have to go look for it with a telescope. Some of those Star companies admit there is barely a chance for you to ever see your star and all you get is a piece of paper with coordinates on it. We will send you a beautiful grain of sand, specifically named after the person of your choice and encased in one of many choices of lovely glass containers.
Only $29.95 USD.
-- xandram, Jan 04 2007

get someone clever with good eyesight to put your initials on it. http://www.craftand...on-rice-grains.html
[po, Jan 04 2007]

I'll take your money...
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 04 2007

Maybe you could let them pick the type of terrian. Susie loved the beach a piece of sand from the beach for her. Jimmy loved the mountains: a piece of a mountain for him. Etc. Etc.
-- flynn, Jan 04 2007

If, due to the tremendous acceptance of your idea, all the grains are spoken for, your fall back might be sub-atomic particles. Name a Lepton or perhaps name a Meson.

In college, my buddies used to contemplate the thought that indeed our own mother earth may perhaps just be a grain on someone elses beach. In that case do we already have a name?

What happens when eventually we pass into the great sandbox in the sky. Sure our spirit will take a seat up there next St. John, but what about our physical remains. Once they have sufficiently decomposed and we return to worm dirt who has the rights to name those grains? To tell you the truth, you might be opening yourself up for a bit of a legal entanglement. I know my future heirs would sue the pants off of anyone who tried to name my grains, or at least I hope they would.
-- FireLilly, Jan 05 2007

Hmmm, how many generations do you think it would take to fill an hour glass?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 05 2007

have it sculpted to look like their head using micro lasers.... (delux version)
-- xenzag, Jan 05 2007

//I know my future heirs would sue the pants // I wish my future hairs would sew the pants I just ripped yesterday,
-- xenzag, Jan 05 2007

Thanks for your concern [FireLilly] (nice name btw) but those Star Companies don't get in *legal entanglments* and anyway, this is the halfbakery.
-- xandram, Jan 05 2007

//what gives anyone the right to name something that doesn't belong to them?// - //I know I would nuke any planet that tried to call my entire species after a deceased pet.//

The Name-A-Star companies have a legal right to charge you for associating a name in their register of stars just the same as the DVLA have a right to charge you for associating you with a silly number plate, just the same as the internet registration companies have a right to charge you for the privilege of associating with an IP address of your choosing. If someone takes the time to keep a proper record of things, and chooses to charge people for the privilege of choosing what labels get associated with those things - it all seems reasonable to me - certainly not reason enough to commit planicide.
-- zen_tom, Jan 05 2007

haha [21Q]-----Elvis?
-- xandram, Jan 05 2007

[Phlish] I understand your reasoning, hence my idea...but some people just NEED to spend their money on something, so this is for them.
-- xandram, Jan 05 2007

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