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A pair of Nasal Turbines, fitted snuggly into hollow noseplugs, could help power a pacemaker or other internal bodily appliance. One turbine could be geared to spin while inhaling, the other while exhaling, providing constant energy.
-- simonj, May 29 2009

nostril propellers nostril_20propellers
sink/source inversion of [beanangel/Treon]'s older idea [lurch, May 29 2009]

Halfbakery: Nose Turbine Nose_20Turbine
Same basic idea, but slightly more external. [jutta, Jun 01 2009]

OK, tell me the consensus here. The older "nostril propellors" idea is going to look pretty similar, but is an energy user instead of generator. So does this stay, or does it [m-f-d]?
-- lurch, May 30 2009

Screw powering a pacemaker, I'm going to hook up to the grid and sell energy to the utility company ;-) (begins hyperventilating)

It should stay.
-- normzone, May 30 2009

//Screw powering a pacemaker// I wondered for a moment whether that "screw" was a verb or a noun.
-- pertinax, May 30 2009

As 21 said, it is an interesting idea. I read an idea a few days ago about using your bladder as a battery, and the problem of how to get wires from there to your heart was brought up. Perhaps the turbines could be put further in your windpipe, adjacent to your heart.
-- MadnessInMyMethod, May 31 2009

Fantastic idea, only one would have to make sure one's pacemaker accepts alternating current or else incorporate a AC to DC rectifier into the device.

Alternatively, a more fastidious user could use their nostrils only for exhalation and use an separate orifice for inhalation.
-- oniony, Jun 01 2009

Using a bladdery goes a step further, does it not? In that case, you could power the fan that helps pump air into the lungs for the breathing impaired.
-- daseva, Jun 01 2009

Why not put this turbine in the Aorta, to draw power from blood coming out of the heart? The heart is easily powerful enough and the turbine would be much closer to the pacemaker. Plus, while one might foolishly hold ones breath, it is hard to avoid pumping ones heart, especially with a pacemaker fitted.
-- Bad Jim, Jun 01 2009

The turbines should power little nostril-LED headlights andor something to shoot mist out on the exhale.
-- FlyingToaster, May 17 2014

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