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Another way to show your patriotism/nationalism

Not to mention another outlet to be appreciated by the sight or hearing impared.

Could also work with states, provences or territories, etc.
-- sartep, Jul 30 2003

Lupinus texensis http://aggie-hortic...ngarden/grant5.html
(Texas bluebonnet). The Texas state fragrance. [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

fresh brewed Canada
Good ol' Tim's! [k_sra, Oct 04 2004]

France definately has a national "fragrance"...
-- DeathNinja, Jul 30 2003

Yes, I'm not talking about hygene. :)

See? Texas has one.
-- sartep, Jul 30 2003

The French *invented* the word odo(u)r.
-- thumbwax, Jul 30 2003

That is true, but to date they don't have an official one.
-- sartep, Jul 30 2003

I rather like this idea. The sense of smell is much underused. I'd like to put dibs on the smell of fresh mown grass for England. Oh, and in addition, I'd like to claim the 'Hear! Hear! Rhubarb! Rhubarb!" cries used in the House of Commons as our national noise and the rubbing of your thumb over the milled edge of a coin as our national feeling.
-- DrBob, Jul 30 2003

National feeling! Hysterical. I vote for grumbling against France as the new National Habit.
-- k_sra, Jul 30 2003

A blatant attempt to make our country homogenous by having us all smell the same, no! Let us rejoice in the variety of our various odors!
-- rbl, Jul 30 2003

<smells rbl> Hmm, smells like Tim Hortons. </smells rbl>
-- k_sra, Jul 30 2003

is that an insult, k_sra? if so stop it. only I can insult rbl, its traditional. and no, that doesn't answer your next question.
-- po, Jul 30 2003

ah yes, eau de timmies...a gentle mix of strong coffee and timbits. not to worry, I'm on the WEST coast where we prefer eau de starbucks...costs a little more. Starbucks is into everything else, why not perfume?
-- rbl, Jul 30 2003

Ah, the morning aroma of coffee ice cream.
-- FarmerJohn, Jul 30 2003

//is that an insult, k_sra? if so stop it.//

[po], from a Hortons addict, that is NEVER an insult. I miss the dear little timbits. *sniff* He's all yours insultorily speaking...
-- k_sra, Jul 30 2003

I have no objection to your sniffing around and I know for a fact that [rbl] won't fight you off :)
-- po, Jul 30 2003

Sheesh, I wasn't trying to get rid of differences in other countries nor do I have the political clout to do so, rbl.

It's another way for people with sight or hearing impairments to be included the way one is included when you wear colors.

I would like to move to the place with coffee fragrance, though. Wot's a Tim Hortons?
-- sartep, Jul 30 2003

I think each culture has its own "aroma". And, of course, I'm not talking about a nice one. Our cultural hygene and eating habits (what kinds of food our diet is based on, how often we take showers, how often we wash clothes) determines each culture's odor. Believe me, it's no suprise that Czech people all smell the same, and mexicans (due to their poor diet based on tortillas, beans and chiles) all sweat with pretty much the same odor.

I think this is baked.
-- Pericles, Jul 30 2003

//Wot's a Tim Hortons?//

See link, [sarty].
-- k_sra, Jul 30 2003

No, I didn't post this to make fun of other people or our own people.

I was really thinking of fragrances/ colognes/perfumes one could apply to themselves like colors. Something that smells nice and also represents the culture. For example and only as an example,

Japan = Cherry or Plum Blossom

Cuba = Sugar Cane

Austrailia = Eucalyptus

Mexico = Chocolate

USA = Apple Pie (yech)

India = Lotus Blossom

I could go for a Tim Hortons.
-- sartep, Jul 30 2003

England = what DrBob said - fresh mown grass.
-- po, Jul 30 2003

As an American, I would vote

USA = McDonald's french fry
-- grip, Jul 30 2003

why french?
-- po, Jul 30 2003

Rhubarb and mown grass, mmmm.

Jutta, HA! That's another way to look at Disney's take on everything.
-- sartep, Jul 30 2003

Scotland = Laphroig single malt.
No, wait, you're supposed to *wear* the fragrance? Better make it something cheaper, like Famous Grouse.
-- my face your, Jul 30 2003

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