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Watch the world in negative vision

Colour is merely the brain's interpretation of a bunch of photons flying around us, so why not see the world in negative vision. Why?!!! I hear you say, well, you could look at your holiday snap negatives and have instant colour vision. Clubs would not have blinding strobe lights because the light would appear black. Funky web designs would actually appear rather dull thus exposing the lack of imagination when using inverse colour imagery...and so on. I'm having my eyes done next week!
-- stickyman, Mar 01 2001

How is this supposed to work?

(See also a certain Calvin & Hobbes strip.)
-- egnor, Mar 01 2001

Maybe you already see in negative vision compared with the rest of us. You'd never know the difference.
-- PotatoStew, Mar 01 2001

There have been experiments done with things like prisms to turn your view upside down. Your eyes adjust eventually, and you see things normally...For some reason, though, a setup to see in negative colors one never really adjusts to. It seems to have something to do with the highlights/shadows being in wildly incorrect positions. I don't remember where I read it, it was either an old Omni or Discover magazine...It was done with a two camera/small monitor setup to give stereo vision.
-- StarChaser, Apr 14 2001

The dynamic range of the sensors would be all wrong, at the very least. Under very low light conditions, our eyes adapt via a number of techniques to become more sensitive. With negative vision, you'd need to somehow become very sensitive to slight variations in a uniformly bright field, and I'm pretty sure we're just physiologically incapable of that.
-- egnor, Apr 14 2001

this reminds me of an experiment some college did where they took students and made them wear glasses that flipped everything upside down afer 1 week they were able to adjust to daily living and after a couple weeks their minds had switched their vision processing to see things upright, for when they took the goggles off, they saw everything upside down again
-- Arcanus, Nov 14 2008

but unlike the kids' experiment the eyes probably wouldn't bother changing the colours back.
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2008

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