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Product: Light
Neon Sign   (+2)  [vote for, against]
3D Neon Sign

Take a block of perspex and drill, using a flexible drill attachment, a series of "tunnels" through the perspex. The various tunnels are filled with the different gases used in traditional neon signs to glow in different colours. depending on your viewing angle, the glowing interior will display different messages, or if viewed from a non message angle a pleasing cacophony of colour will greet the eye.

Totally safe, can be sat on, displayed in open spaces with no fear of breakage, and even put inside a pool if properly waterproofed...
-- Micky Dread, Apr 08 2003

Very nice. I really like this. Could plastic withstand the current and hot gas and all that? Seems that you could also cast glass and maybe with organically shaped interior cavities for a more random look.
-- bristolz, Apr 08 2003

As far as I know, pespex wouldnt be the best material for it, due to the heat, however there are many plastics that would work - sounds cool
-- miasere, Apr 08 2003

Could you push the light down through a rotating prism (dark side of the moonish) for colour cycling to give an effect through the channel cut out of the perspex (other material)?
-- Supercruiser, Apr 08 2003

I understand this completely, as I laid out a plan for something like this as pop-art some years ago - it was to use exposed pieces on a flat panel - pieces @ size of pushpins with markings on sides and bottom to give different words at different angles.
This is much prettier. Glowing croissant.
-- thumbwax, Apr 08 2003

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