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adds pizzazz to your ride

Multiple neon lights will be mounted in the edge and on the needle of the speedometer. Turn the ignition and it will glow dark blue. Go faster and it will glow brighter. If you go fast enough, the color of the neon will switch (e.g. 50 mph and it switches from light blue to medium green. 100 mph+ and it switches from bright green to dark red and so on.) A small chip will automaticcally control this system. You can also go to the shop and let them replace the neon to your favorite color setting. You can also adjust the amount of speed it takes to switch colors for the kind of driving you do. Drag racers will have theirs on max speed while city people will have it on full power as soon as they get on their favorite highway. Mix with thumping sound system and get a pretty cool ride for yourself. Can be installed on almost any model in existince.
-- croissantz, Oct 11 2004

Lots of people would buy this, but since it would encourage fast driving, I've given it the 'fishbone of civil responsibiliy'. [Which adds to its street-cred!]
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 11 2004

In order to counter the 'fishbone of civil responsibility', maybe it could run in reverse...
The pulsating colours and effects happen when the car is stationary.
As the car speeds up, the speedo reverts to a normal or 'high contrast' state, so that it won't adversely effect the driveability of the vehicle.
-- reap, Oct 12 2004

Perhaps you could use a bunch of accelerometers and so forth, attached to your speedometer and tachometer, hooked up to a central computer and LED display. Get points (flashing light patterns) for keeping the accelerometers stable. Get combos (new patterns) for safer driving. Who knows what it could spawn?
-- Macwarrior, Oct 12 2004


Yes, that's likely. I'm sure you've seen Dance Dance Revolution players - imagine that, but in a 3-ton SUV. I think that anything that turns real driving into a game is bound to fail...
-- Macwarrior, Oct 12 2004

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