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Nested 12 Step Program   (+1, -5)  [vote for, against]
Like the Surgeon General's Warnings: Print one of the 12 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) steps on each container of non-alchoholic drink.

If these could be in the form of peel-away durable paper, they could be collected for an entire set. Give soft drink makers worldwide a chance to endorse a cause, since the SG's warning about fœtal damage printed on alcoholic beverages may be subliminally sending the message to choose life and we'd not want such a publicity coup to fall solely to spirit bottlers, or sell it in the muslim world to conform to divine law.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Your evil self,
-- reensure, Mar 05 2002

12 Steps of AA http://www.alcoholi...ctFile/M-24_d6.html
[reensure, Mar 05 2002]

Fœtal Alcohol Syndrome
[reensure, Mar 05 2002]

<serious> I've been told that an alcoholic only ever wants one drink, but it's the one at the bottom of the bottle.</serious>
-- angel, Mar 05 2002

He should use a straw.
-- lubbit, Mar 05 2002

If you tried to mandate this in the U.S., you'd have an Establishment Clause case on your hands. Personally, I'd find it very offensive, both for the religious endorsement and the implication that anyone who drinks is powerless over alcohol.
-- bookworm, Mar 05 2002

lubbit, the problem with the straw s you end up sucking up all the alcohol off the bottom and the rest of the drink isn't as good (I'm talking mixed drinks here). Better to save the best till last.
-- rbl, Mar 05 2002

Thanks ¯bookworm: I changed the dint of the idea text to one of morbid sarcasm.
-- reensure, Mar 05 2002

2. and we came to believe that a Power greater than our elves (moderators) could restore us to sanity
-- runforrestrun, Mar 07 2002

Cute prayer, but it says "God" - even though it's a prayer - some halfbakers would get riled up...

My variation on 12 Steps:
Keep It Simple?...Stupid?
-- thumbwax, Mar 07 2002

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