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My Spellchecker often doesn't pick up the typos I make, it knows it's wrong but it can't offer a suggestion. So instead of everyone maintaining their own dictionarys, have everyone's spell checkers networked so that the most common misspellings or typos are always picked up. New words entering the lexicon can easily be corrected automatically.
-- simonj, Jun 11 2009

sp: dictionaries
-- zen_tom, Jun 11 2009

you see??
-- simonj, Jun 11 2009

You would also need access to a comprehensive canonical source, like the OED, so you don't end up spelling certain words incorrectly because most other people make the same mistake.
-- Aristotle, Jun 11 2009

[21Q] the spellchecker in that link does not appear to networked, despite it's name.
-- simonj, Jun 11 2009

The problem with using the OED or something similarly exhaustive, is the same reason you don't want to use it as a scrabble dictionary. So many common misspellings are in it because they are other words.

A networked spellchecker would have very similar problems. Especially given the number of acronyms in existence, almost any 3-4 letter combination, and many longer ones will be in use by someone, and that person will want to add it do their dictionary.
-- MechE, Jun 11 2009

But it could also check the context ie. if it appears before or after certain other words.
-- simonj, Jun 12 2009

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