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A regrettional website

Websites for confessions already exist, such as Postsecret (linked)., by contrast, is a 'regrettional' website, a place for people to share their vows to "never ___ again." The blank could be 'drink', 'post ideas on the halfbakery while drunk', 'start each season with the ludicrously optimistic belief that Luton will get promoted this year', 'take up dares involving salami, rottweilers and boxer shorts', or whatever they're currently regetting.

Vows not to get hideously drunk again may feature prominently, of course, but some of the weirder neveragains will pique visitors' interest as they try to imagine what embarrassing or otherwise unfortunate events led to that person making that vow.
-- imaginality, Nov 09 2007

A website for confessions [imaginality, Nov 09 2007]

The inspiration _22Never_20Again_22_20Repository
My idea is what I thought this was going to be [imaginality, Nov 09 2007]

That's basically half of what 44 things is.
-- Spacecoyote, Nov 09 2007

Never again will I attemt to play T-ball using a metal railing, empty cans of natural light beer, and a 1/3 full 48 oz bottle of Jose Cuervo tequilla.
-- ye_river_xiv, Nov 10 2007

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