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New Road Surfaces   (+2, -5)  [vote for, against]
S is for sticky, slow and safe

Roads are normally made of bitumen, which is actually a highly viscous liquid. When they lay it its really sticky.


I've been thinking what other viscous liquids we could use to surface roads and I've come up with the following. We could use Aftershock & Sunny Delight. Thus we get roads in nice bright colours like red, orange and blue. There is also a hidden benefit. These surfaces would be so sticky it would be impossible to get up any kind of speed on them, cutting the number of road accidents drastically.
-- imagooAJ, Oct 17 2000

But nobody would buy sticky tires. They wouldn't have a choice about driving on sticky roads.
-- egnor, Oct 17 2000

You'd miss all the cute road colors if you just used sticky tires. I think it'd be fun to drive on bright-colored roads (though they'd be very tough to cycle or walk on).

Actually, I've driven on several roadways in Britain which have different colored rock in the foundation of the asphalt. Thus, there are dark red roads, dark green roads, and dark grey roads as well as the usual black roads. It's kind of cool- too bad there are no yellow or blue roads as well.
-- BigThor, Oct 17 2000

PeterSealy, when was the last time you saw anyone take an SUV offroad?

Wouldn't do to get your Lexus SUV all muddy would it...
-- davros42, Oct 19 2000

Just think what this would do for fuel economy . . .
-- bristolz, Oct 21 2000

Even safer is no driving at all. Or, only allow dead people to drive.
-- ThotMouser, Apr 30 2002

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