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Lay back and enjoy

Outdoor cinema at which you lie on the grass looking at the stars. When show-time arrives a massive sheet is suspended in the sky using an elaborate array of helium or hat air balloons, anchored in place by black guide ropes. The picture is projected from within a faux well in the middle of the field on to the kite above.

Allows the viewer to watch movies set in space from various different angles, depending on how you lie on the floor, accentuating the feeling of a lack of gravity, and dispelling your otherwise Earthly notion of "up".
-- theleopard, Apr 30 2009

Shamelessly ripped from... Floating_20Cinema_20Screen
...[kingmikey]'s idea. [theleopard, Apr 30 2009]

Hat air array http://www.costumes.../prods/fm61817.html
[theleopard, Apr 30 2009]

movies in the Planetarium... http://www.bigmovie.../index.html?uniq=90
[xandram, May 01 2009]

How do you collect all the air from hats to fill those balloons?
-- Aristotle, Apr 30 2009

Why, see [linky] 2...
-- theleopard, Apr 30 2009

-- blissmiss, Apr 30 2009


(Thanks [21]!)
-- theleopard, Apr 30 2009

just go to the Planetarium! there is no wind, rain, or bugs in there. [see link] oops, except for the Bugs movie.
I would think a screen in the sky would blow around.
-- xandram, May 01 2009

What's the big problem with bugs? Do you not do picnics on account of having to share the grass with some ants? I don't get the problem.

As for the blowing around: the kite is designed with a lightweight frame, like a box kite, which keeps the fabric as taut as possible. Then, if all four corners of the kite are attached to guide strings connected to the ground, coupled with the up-force of the balloons, it shouldn't move around too much.

Remember the projection won't move; so as long as the kite is big enough, the picture displayed on it won't move, even if the kite does.

Rain is a problem, but just as much as it ruins a good picnic. Some things you just can't do in the rain. Does that make it a bad idea?
-- theleopard, May 01 2009

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