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Then, at 3 a.m. - The phone rang.

Ok - as best I can think arround it, the best advice for this product right now is "cat owners beware."

Ever get that late night/early morning phone/doorbell ring that will inevitably send you scrambling for your glasses, phone, alarm clock, or home defense cudgel? I know that in the mayhem things can get knocked off the nightstand, leading to even greater confusion and dismay.

Introducing the Nightstand Trapese Net. The NsTN, positioned arround the outside of your nightstand prevents even heavy objects such as alarmclocks, and hierloom decorations from ever reaching the ground. Glasses, remotes, and other items can now be conveniently retrieved right from the comfort, and relative saftey of your bed.

Breakaway saftey model also available for the frequently drunk, or for children. While not capable saving the heavy objects, there is less worry of your kids becoming entangled.
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

It would need some sturdy mounting brackets ...
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

it wasn't me, honest!
-- po, Jan 27 2004

Yes, [po], I've put the ringer on 'vibrate' and placed it on a stack of pennies. If the sound of the phone vibrating from its perch, and jingling change doesn't wake me, then please leave message .....

-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

Even a trapeze net around the bed, making sure the heaviest object of all doesn't hit the ground. Think of the glorious capers you could have!
-- k_sra, Jan 27 2004

I could use this....pre-load it with my intruder-repellant gear so as I fall out of bed it all comes to hand.....it's a shame I just needed to go to the bathroom....
-- normzone, Jan 27 2004

It's thinking about the glasses that does it for me. As anyone else who's nearsighted knows, it's a terrible catch-22 not be able to see to find them. The fumbling can get destructive. If I can't make myself any less clumsy while searching for them, at least I can have a safety net...

Only problem I can think of is that if I knock off a bunch of stuff, the other stuff can still scratch them on the way down. I suppose that's what the case is for, then? Hmm...
-- Etymon, Jan 27 2004

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