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A CD-ROM drive the size of an NES cartridge.

I placed a CD over a NES cartridge and noticed the CD would fit in it. Now with today's electronics making things smaller and smaller they could pack all the electronics of a CD-ROM drive into a nintendo cartridge. The CD player function would use the PCM output available on the NES. You could also put every game ever written for the NES on one CD and sell it for $10,000. (yeah right.)
-- Amishman35, Feb 13 2001

DJ Pretzel's Overclocked Remix
"Remixes of classic video game music"? See here. [cmeador, Feb 13 2001]

Cuttle Cart
Modern CD interface cartridge for Atari 2600 [JakePatterson, Dec 18 2001]

Supercharger http://www.atari-hi...s/supercharger.html
Early audio cassette interface cartridge for the Atari 2600 [JakePatterson, Dec 18 2001]

i know that one of these was made for the mega-drive(or genesis)

it was stupid looking and i dont think that it had any advantages(apparently)

also CDs esp. playstation have long loading times whereas cartridges do not
-- chud, Feb 14 2001

We're talking about games like Bubble Bobble. I don't think loading time will be an issue.
-- Detly, Feb 21 2001

Here I was hoping for an audio CD with remixes of the classic videogame music. But I think that's already baked.
-- bookworm, Feb 21 2001

Heh.. Remixes of classic vidoe game music.. I did onna those..

If you're interested send me an e-mail, and I'll send you DJ Eidolon - Tetris Megamix 2001.. :-)
-- eidolon, Apr 30 2001

In the early 90s, a Super Nintendo CD-ROM drive was in development that also "boosted" the console to a 32-bit system. But differences between the companies saw the drive halted and the developer of the CD-ROM began to create its own CD-based console.

You can pick up the latter console quite cheaply today. It is called the Sony Playstation.
-- mrkillboy, Jun 15 2001

I would love to have classic video game music on unbreakeable 78 rpm records. Just crank up the gramophone and .... Super Mario Brothers! I don't think even a diamond in the world has ever vibrated to the sounds of the 8-bit Nintendo.
-- Amishman35, Dec 18 2001

[Amishman], you'll have a great deal of trouble finding an unbreakable record.
-- cp, Dec 18 2001

Yeah, records are made to be broken. Or is that rules?
-- phoenix, Dec 18 2001

-- prometheus, Dec 18 2001

I didn't know Amish even Had video games
-- thumbwax, Dec 18 2001

They do, they're just made of wood.
-- bristolz, Dec 18 2001

Basic idea is baked in the form of the Starpath Supercharger and the Cuttle Cart, both for the Atari 2600.
-- JakePatterson, Dec 18 2001

//put every game ever written for the NES on one CD and sell it for $10,000//

Have you seen a DS cartridge? They could put every game written for the NES on a cartridge about the size of the original NES cartridges, along with classic games and most of a movie (a full theatrical movie file would fit. My cousins and I downloaded the entire HP5 movie and transferred it to their X-Box 360 without it taking up all the room, so it should work.) Plus, many CD-ROM drives were planned, but canceled (remember Nintendo 64 DD?)
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 03 2007

//Have you seen a DS cartridge?//

// Amishman35, Feb 13 2001//

I'm going to guess NO!!!
-- GutPunchLullabies, Oct 05 2007

The Amish have no technology. Therefore, to fill this void, those WITH technology have technology several years more advanced than people constantly using said tech. So, he should have known about DS cartridges. (Everything I just wrote was in jest.)
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 07 2007

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