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It only seems logical

Now that you can get cellphones with high resolution LCD screens and 4way pointer buttons, why not make one that includes a Gameboy Advance processor and slot for games.

Games are automatically put on pause when the phone rings, and the phone includes a "save state" feature for continuing the game later on.
-- Mr Burns, Oct 15 2002

Liberty GameBoy emulator
[krelnik, Oct 15 2002]

Handspring Treo http://www.handspri..._name=Communicators
[krelnik, Oct 15 2002]

Or how about a cell phone "game cartridge" for the gameboy?
-- quarterbaker, Oct 15 2002

I was thinking the other way around: get Nintendo to manufacture a gameboy advance that had a phone as part of its functionality.
-- calum, Oct 15 2002

I don't care how they do it... I'm just kinda tired of snake and dice...
-- Mr Burns, Oct 15 2002

Home-bake-able. Buy one each of the two things I linked to, stir. Serves one.
-- krelnik, Oct 15 2002

Seems to emulate only original Gameboy titles. (yawn) Boooring...
-- Mr Burns, Oct 16 2002

Is this really half baked? The mobile phone manufacturers are all desperately trying to do exactly this.

Apparently one of them came very close to signing a deal for the GBA chip last year.
-- Ludwig, Oct 16 2002

It's half baked until I can buy one.. I did not know that anyone was pursuing the GBA technology, but then again "It only seems logical"....
-- Mr Burns, Oct 16 2002

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