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Too much money, not enough sense, and the holidays approaching...

The problem I've always had with living far away from my parents is that around Christmas and birthdays, I have to mail presents - and it's difficult to package a gift in such a way that that cheap plastic sack-of-crap decoration that makes a giftwrapped box a coherent whole, the bow, will not be crushed by a sadistic UPS guy.

So I traditionally mail the bow in a separate box, with little Xs on the presents and a label for each bow - bow A on box A, for example.

And now that my grandmother's converted to Judaism, the gift total has suddenly increased by 7 per year.

So, for those consumers with my problem but also with the last name Rockefeller or Moneybags, I present the NiTi Bow. Heated in a factory to the right shape, these bows can be smashed, smooshed, crushed, deformed, hated on, stepped on, or otherwise mangled to your heart's content.

Affix bow to box, mail, and kick back. When the recipient gets the gift, he or she can simply snap the small pouch in the center of the bow (works just like a handwarmer!), and the bow will reform in its original superpretty shape, making them feel loved for another year.

To reuse, simply pull out the heating pouch, boil, and replace.

Note: Do not use nitinol bows near trees, pets, or parchment.
-- shapu, Dec 07 2004

There's no such thing as a brain spatula.

*quietly sends team to [BrauBeaton]'s home for spatulization*
-- shapu, Dec 08 2004


And spatulations
-- Belfry, Dec 08 2004

And don't forget the arrows.
-- FarmerJohn, Dec 08 2004

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