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Vehicle: Airplane: Security: Hijacking
No Holds Bagged   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Bags and travellers fly apart

At the airport, passengers undress, put on the paper suits provided, pop their clothes into their suitcases, and say a tearful goodbye : “safe journey, mr zippy, don’t be sick, old Adidas ” - for these bags depart in their own pilotless unmanned ‘bag’ plane. The passengers pass through a quick body scan/ metal detector and board a different plane with nothing at all, not even a purse, just the paper suits. No, ok, of course they bring their phones. Who’s heard of an exploding phone? And yes the asthma sprays, heart pills, diapers, and medicinal drams etc have been checked in to a special on board pharmacy-service-arrangement. You have a pre-paid duty free card, to pay for the duty free. When the plane with the luggage blows up only the bags die. The passenger plane lands unscathed. A few passengers commit suicide over the dead bags but everyone else is happy that going through security was quicker and they didn’t lose their best biro. (Well they did but it was blown-up, not lost in a mindless security mix up, Easier to live with)
-- DDRopDeadly, Dec 02 2017

Just scale this up a bit Light_20Aircraft_20Trailer
[FlyingToaster, Dec 03 2017]

For a given service schedule (say, two flights a day between particular cities), you've just doubled the number of actual flights. Granted, you can use smaller planes, but still, more pilots, more landing slots at airports, etc. To reduce these costs, the luggage should probably be sent in a sort of un-manned, re-usable ICBM. In fact, I think someone may already have half-baked that.
-- pertinax, Dec 02 2017

I meant to say you get twice as many people on the new passenger plane cos no luggage and so number of flights works out the same
-- DDRopDeadly, Dec 03 2017

Yes, provided that you halve the frequency. Hence "for a given service schedule [...]" above.
-- pertinax, Dec 03 2017

Play it safe and have a bunch of drones, each with one person's luggage, trailing the airliner
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 03 2017

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