Product: Coat-hanger
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A hanger that bends in on itself so as not to stretch out your shirts

How many times have you stretched out a shirt with a small collar while trying to get a hanger in it?

The solution is a hanger with a joint (just a bendable area) on the bottom and at the tips of the two wings. when pulled vertically it easily slips into the shirt, then is pushed horizontal, and two wings snap into the arms.


1. One could just put a standard hanger in through the bottom of the shirt, however depending on shirt size/hanger size it can still cause stretching, not to mention, who does that?

2. the bottom joint is a click-in ball n' socket joint preventing collapse.
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

(?) Collapsible Coat Hanger http://www.initiali...le_Coat_Hanger.html
Sort of baked - but for different reasons [HowardMarks, May 12 2005]

[howardmarks], looks like i'm going to have to start coming up with slightly more wild ideas...
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

[HM] wasn't that in Raiders of the Lost Arc? The viewing audience was lead to believe it was an "interrogation" device before realizing it was a coat hanger.
-- Zimmy, May 12 2005

I don' know how to properly fold shirts. I even put pants through hangers. I only have a small drawer and its filled with "things".
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

Erm, yeah, I always just put it in through the bottom. Generally, though, I'm working with oxford shirts which I drape then button. [+-]
-- contracts, May 12 2005

egad, look what I found: http:// Flexible_20Hangers#1091293200

hmmmm... I plead innocence, though mine is a bit more detailed...
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

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