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Really watch in peace

With a nod to the chewy popcorn, what I really want is a screening with no food whatsoever allowed. No rustling of plastic wrappings, no crunchy popcorn, just the possibility of hearing that expensive sound system, thoughtfully installed at huge expense.

Not a total ban, just one screening (per day, per week, whatever) when it would be quiet. If hats and really tall people could be persuaded to stay out, so much the better.
-- drew, May 31 2002

only allow half the rows to be filled: sit up without feeling guilty about obstructing someone's view, and safe in the comfort that no-one's obstructing yours.
-- yamahito, May 31 2002

To be fair, I only threw the tall people/hats in as a side issue; it's not really important to me.
-- drew, May 31 2002

I like the idea of a special, irritation free-screening which tries to counter each of life's little annoyances for a few extra pennies. Why stop with just no food? I think you're on to something, that's all.
-- yamahito, May 31 2002

Ah so... Thankyou.

I would be happy to pay extra for this service. Having recently been stung for billions for chocolates for my daughter at a recent movie visit, I imagine they make a substantial profit on the confectionary, so would try to make that up on the ticket price. OK by me.
-- drew, May 31 2002

My friends who have worked at theaters tell me that pretty much the entire ticket price goes to the distributor/studio/wherever. The theater makes money *only* on the drinks and food. (That's why they're so expensive, and why they don't want you bringing outside food in.)

I can't think of a way to avoid having to listen to other moviegoers sniffle and cough, but aside from that minor shortcoming, this is a croissantworthy idea.
-- wiml, May 31 2002

You can rent the whole theatre you know. Usually isn't even that expensive. You and, say, 25 of your non-eating friends could go in together on it.
-- bristolz, May 31 2002

Never thought of renting the whole place. I can easily believe it not being too spendy, as I've frequently been to a very modern multiscreen, when there have only been a handful of others. There's no way the ticket sales could be covering costs.

Sadly, my friends all seem to be traditionalists, with a deep rooted 'need' for popcorn and coke to sustain them through the 90 minutes.
-- drew, Jun 01 2002

If I may, I think Bristolz' point is that many of us tend to take things at face value, and forget to think outside the proscribed box, or at least explore all the opportunities available to us. The lesson here (and in the halfbakery, in general) is to get what you want by imagining how things "could be" instead of how they may currently be. But, that's just my opinion.
-- jurist, Jun 01 2002

I nearly followed the above entry up with a WIBNI disclaimer, but on second thought deemed that counter-productive.
-- jurist, Jun 01 2002

personal headphones for the soundtrack?
-- po, Jun 01 2002

I thought I was imagining how things could be - my point was that I personally don't have sufficient non-eating friends to make renting out the entire place viable. However, I'm fairly sure there are enough other people around who would attend a popcorn-free screening, thus reaching a critical number of clients to make it worthwhile for the proprietors to offer this service. But I agree, if we all considered every possible way to order life, and never needed outside help to add to the experience, there would be no point offering up anything like the 1/2B.
-- drew, Jun 01 2002

[jurist]: Close to WIBNI, I agree, but highly achievable, so I think it escapes.

[po]: Headphones don't work like the BIG sound system.
-- drew, Jun 01 2002

What if for certain shows they didn't sell "solids" but instead blended up combinations of concessions behind the counter for the patrons who seriously believe their own silence is golden. Imagine the cool rush you'd get after swishing an nice warm cup of relisherry pop(corn). That'd be tasty and also eliminate the need of chewing, then you'd be able to save those jaw muscles for your date!
-- 420FAGtx, Jun 26 2005

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