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Non-deafening Emergency Siren   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Half the volume for half the deafness!

I'm waiting at the traffic lights with several cars in front. An ambulance comes up from behind with it's siren blaring. Unfortunately due to the design of the road and the traffic there's no way for the ambulance to get past. After a minute everyone is starting to get sore ears due to the volume of the siren.

There's not much the ambulance can do, if they switch the siren off we may think the emergency is over.

I suggest a "half-volume" switch be installed so the ambulance can let everyone know there's still an emergency without deafing people in vehicles close by.

Switch to full volume when the traffic clears.
-- superjohn, Dec 23 2008

Aren't drivers supposed to pull over when an ambulance is coming through?
-- Spacecoyote, Dec 23 2008

Yeah they do whenever they can but sometimes if the traffic is stopped there's nowhere to go.
-- superjohn, Dec 23 2008

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