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Reading glasses for smell

The nose extension resembles one of the beaked masks worn by doctors during the time of the Black Death. It fits over the mouth and nose, is generally impermeable, and comprises a beak-like extension of anywhere between 6 and 18 inches (15-46cm). A small internal fan draws air up from the tip of the extension, which has an opening covered by a replaceable filter. Optionally, the tip may also carry illumination means. The lower part of the mask comprises exhalation means. The exhalation means may comprise a flap valve to prevent ingress.

As another alternative, the fan can be dispensed with, with two one-way flap valves (one in the extension) being used to direct airflow.

Continuation-in-part: A tube extending from a hand-held wand is connected to the tip. This allows the user to scan the ground as with a metal detector. The especially talented can then track nearly as well as bloodhound, but without the inconvenience of traveling on all fours.

CIP of the CIP: The wand head comprises an odor adsorbing canister and a fan to blow air over it. When the operator depresses a button located on the wand handle, a small heater in the canister drives off the collected odors so that, with the next breath, the operator receives an amplified aromatic nosefull.
-- ldischler, Oct 20 2002

Nice visual, though I can't see that a fake nose would improve your smell all that much. The ploy of accelerating air particles up your nose would be hampered by the integral smell of the fan.

Smell being the only sense routed straight into the amygdala without being processed by the cortex first, is what gives it its emotional wallop -- the madeleine effect. As far as I can see, there are only two ways to improve smell (though I am begging for correction): (1) free up top limbic-level processor time by blindfolding yourself and stopping your ears, or (2) design a compound which will bind with the chemicals in the mitral cells of the olfactory bulb. What this would actually do, god alone knows. I like to think someone could attach a tetracyclic lysegic molecule to the binding part of the compound, which would leave cognition unaffected. Woohoo.
-- General Washington, Oct 20 2002

“free up top limbic-level processor time by blindfolding yourself and stopping your ears”… General, this is a marvelous suggestion, and is no doubt why bloodhounds can hardly see or hear.
-- ldischler, Oct 20 2002

They also have more cilia, mucus membrane, glomeruli, mitral cells and 1000x the olfactory sensitivity of humans. As do rats; which are both cheaper and easier to fit into vices.
-- General Washington, Oct 20 2002

OK, I agree that there is an olfactory gap, but doesn't the aroma concentration method of the second CIP possibly give us poorly endowed humans a technological leg-up?
-- ldischler, Oct 20 2002

Mm... something of a substantive fallacy going on there, namely, odors don't exist independently of molecules.
-- General Washington, Oct 20 2002

How about using this extention for those of us over 40ish that will not admit we need reading glasses. (I just addmitted it!). Anyway, I could use this little gadget with my glasses. I've noticed that I see my computer screen alot better if I push my glasses farther down my nose. The only problem is that my nose is too short. My glasses have nothing to rest on when my computer screen is in focus. With a longer nose, my vision problem would be solved.
-- dogzapper, Jul 12 2007

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