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Science: Health: Hygiene
Nose Hair Periscope   (+1)  [vote for, against]
clip those nose hairs the good old way with a Nose Hair Periscope

Tired of that buzzy,tickly old battery operated nose hair trimmer? Tired of shoving an oversized metal cylinder up a nostril to keep the fuzzies at bay? A new improved nose hair trimmer keeps things in order the old fashioned way- with a pair of snips. Its composed of a small, inverted periscope to which is attached a small LED light an a tiny pair os scissors. The objective lens (right?) would be held to one eye, and the other lens would be aimed at around 45 degrees pointing up into a nostril. Both hands are required for operation, one to hold the device, one to operate the snips. A larger version can be made to trim the hairs on one's butt. Not that my butt is hairy, but I know that a lot of people have hair on their butts. Not that I look at a lot of people's butts... never mind.
-- mailtosalonga, Sep 21 2005

Nah, just get in there and give a good eye watering tug.
-- skinflaps, Sep 21 2005

I'm with [skin] for the first few hairs. However when I'm lying in a heap, crying, the Nasal Periscopy sounds appealing enough for a pastry.
-- wagster, Sep 21 2005

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