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Put all those photos to work

Say you need to remember something. Now say you're about to snap a selfie. So, you write what you need to remember on a piece of paper and then you hold the paper in front of you when you snap the selfie. When you later look at your selfie -- blammo! -- you're instantly reminded of what you wanted to remember.

This idea is an app that lets you take the selfie and reminds you to hold up the piece of paper and to write something on it before you hold it up.
-- the porpoise, Sep 02 2014

It might be simpler if the app lets you type text on top of, and make it part of, any existing image.
-- Vernon, Sep 02 2014

What was the idea again?
-- not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014

Might as well poke yourself.
-- xandram, Sep 03 2014

Using Vernon's suggestion, a handy way to generate labels for aura photographs.
-- 4and20, Sep 04 2014

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