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Business: Health Club
Nude Bubble Gym of Death   (+50, -11)  [vote for, against]
pant, puff

A gym for the brave. You are enclosed inside a flexible transparent bubble which is made just heavy enough with weights to sink to the bottom of a tall column of water. You must then exercise frantically, using the gym equipment supplied in your bubble, to heat up the air to make the bubble expand and float to the surface, where you can escape. Of course, if you take too long you'll use up all the air and die.
-- hippo, Apr 12 2005

(???) The Japanese http://www.supermon...20source/index.html
...have semi-virtually simian-baked this. Press space a lot. [Phobophobe, Apr 12 2005]

D.R.I. SKANKER http://www.websling...sters/dri_flyer.jpg
I always thought D.R.I.'s logo was moshing. Now I know, he just wants to live. [AfroAssault, Apr 12 2005]

Illustration http://www.geocitie...loomfield/nbgod.jpg
[hippo, Apr 13 2005]

Gym of death (possible spelling error)
(Nudes and bubbles optional, apparently) [angel, Apr 13 2005]

Just add Bubble Death http://www.ananova....ory/sm_2221209.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 12 2007]

Bubble, dry http://images.googl...l%26sa%3DG%26um%3D1
[loonquawl, Mar 23 2009]

Ubercroissant. Why nude, though?
-- calum, Apr 12 2005

Why not?
-- Trickytracks, Apr 12 2005

-- benfrost, Apr 12 2005

+. What better motivator than the fear of death? Especially the fear of dying, bare naked, inside a plastic ball?
-- salachair, Apr 12 2005

lets add a huge bubble-popping spike at the top of the column.
-- RBStimers, Apr 12 2005

It's like the bizzaro world scrubbing bubble.
You work hard, so it don't have to. +
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 12 2005

I hate to burst your bubble but you maybe missing something here. The harder you work the more oxygen you use. It wouldnt matter how hard (or little) you worked out there would either be enough oxygen to produce the required heat or not. I do like the idea of try or die though!
-- Patter cake, patter cake, Apr 12 2005

Well, if nothing else there's the heat transfer through the bubble into the water. Which brings up another possibility - put your bubble in the snow. If you don't work out hard enough you start freezing to death. Then again, this wouldn't have a built in time limit - it would more be a matter of when than if.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 12 2005

This is kinky.
-- daseva, Apr 12 2005

This was a great idea to read first thing in the morning!
-- Machiavelli, Apr 12 2005

Impossible to win +Cruel +Hopeless +Complicated =good one [+]
-- sophocles, Apr 12 2005

I'm not too sure about the nude part, but I like the rest of it. Kind of reminds me of a video game.
-- finrod, Apr 12 2005

How about a slightly less than bouyant bubble with small impellor blades attached to the outside that are powered by your machine of choice?. If you can make the surface then you get a chance to replenish the air supply via an inlet valve at the top.
As an aside, if you increase the CO2 to O2 ratio from your physical jerks would you not be increasing the density of the bubble's gas mixture so you would have to work harder to overcome the weight?
-- gnomethang, Apr 12 2005

Mass is conserved inside your bubble (well, except when you come up for air). The extra C's came from you so your overall bubble has the same mass.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 12 2005

does all that sweat falling to the bottom of the bubble increase its weight?

where does the heat come from again?
-- po, Apr 12 2005

Of course, [World], what was I thinking of!
-- gnomethang, Apr 12 2005

Carbohydrates, lipids and proteins in decreasing order of their heating contribution...

Cannibalism would take over the decay process, until your left with one dude, surrounded by crap and bones. Game over.
-- daseva, Apr 12 2005

I think you need to illustrate this idea, [hippo], to reduce ambiguity and all that.
-- bristolz, Apr 12 2005

This works in my book. I like the race aspect of it.
-- Shz, Apr 12 2005

Lemme see that book!
-- daseva, Apr 12 2005

One could hold very still, in the full lotus position, conserving oxygen, and still float to the surface and survive by virtue of having eaten a very large meal of beans.
-- bungston, Apr 12 2005

Just grease the inside of the bubble. Trying to stand up should be enough of a workout.
-- AfroAssault, Apr 12 2005

Seems like the perfect opportunity for a human sized hamster wheel. Or hamster ball. And yes, it will roll. Don't ask.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 12 2005

Sounds like somebody's been watching American Gladiators.
-- AfroAssault, Apr 12 2005

I don’t want to disparage such a fine idea, but there is one little problem: You add weights, and the bubble sinks to the bottom. Fine, that half works. Let’s say you’re thirty feet down. The air in your bubble is now compressed to 30 psia, and your bubble has deflated by half. Now, to get off the bottom, you have to double the size of your deflated bubble. To do that thermally, you have to increase the absolute temperature by at least a factor of two. This gives you a bubble temperature of about 600 F. Ouch!
-- ldischler, Apr 13 2005

An easy predicament to get out of. Pop the bubble and swim up.
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2005

What do you pop the bubble with, assuming you have no teeth?
-- bungston, Apr 13 2005

Congratulations! You made it to the top! Ready for your ritual sacrifice?
-- disbomber, Apr 13 2005

Sod the exercise, get the same effect by lighting your farts.
-- Gordon Comstock, Apr 13 2005

The gym equipment, of course.
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2005

Don't try that in a bubble.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 13 2005

//Lemme see that book!//

OK. <flips open The Book of Shz> <thumbs over to the chapter on fitful interpretations>

<reads hippo’s idea>
//You are enclosed inside a flexible transparent bubble which is made just heavy enough with weights to sink to the bottom of a tall column of water.//

<finds relevant interpretation>
Ah, see? Right here it says that the weights used to make the bubble heavy enough to submerge are not necessarily inside the bubble with you.

It stands to reason that the sinking weights are attached to the bubble externally. The bubble is sank to the bottom of the column, which, thanks to a few calculations, is slightly negatively buoyant at that depth without the sinking weights. The sinking weights are then detached from the bubble.

You are now in a race to heat/expand the air inside the bubble (by a small number of degrees) faster than the bubble dissipates heat in the water. Wearing clothes would hinder your efforts.
-- Shz, Apr 13 2005

I think it might be helpful to be pitifully out of shape for this "exercise". A fit athelete would presumably have more efficient muscles, and thus burn oxygen and convert it to motion more efficiently. What is needed is much inefficiency and waste heat.
-- bungston, Apr 13 2005

What is the BTU output of a vigorously exercising, out-of-shape human?
-- half, Apr 13 2005

ASHRAE lists 1,500 Btu/h total load (580 sensible) for an adult male* bowling (and there's a note that this only applies while bowling, not while waiting for your turn). That's fairly close to what you're after. It lists 2,000 (710 s) for male* athletics, though it doesn't say how fit the male is.

* use 85% of this value for female, 75% for child.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 13 2005

[bris] Bodged-together illustration linked.
-- hippo, Apr 13 2005

Heh. Not bad, really.
-- Worldgineer, Apr 13 2005

Could it have heat insulation in it?
-- quantum_flux, Jul 12 2007

Bun, but only due to the illustration.
-- normzone, Jul 13 2007

All Really nice but:

1)it will probably sink so far that I will get nitrogen narcosis (like getting high of nitrogen).

2)if the partial pressure of oxygen climbs over 1.35 then I would convulse and be unconscious till it goes down far enough for me to breathe normally again (of course if it gets too i will just die).

3)it if takes me too long to get up then i will succumb to decompression sickness AKA "The Bends" which will have my dying slowly and painfully.

4)I like the idea just fill the bubble with helium and oxygen as required..

5)or u could use a membrane that lets oxygen through and c02 out but no water in but the bubble wouldn't have enough surface area.

and yes i did pass my scuba test with full marks
-- IceFest, Jul 13 2007

//if the partial pressure of oxygen climbs over 1.35 then I would convulse and // You may have passed scuba, but not nitrox (EANx). You'd probably be safe up to around a ppO2 of 1.6.

//it if takes me too long to get up then i will succumb to decompression sickness// If it takes you a long time to come up, you're *less* likely to get the bends.
I think PADI maybe owes you a refund.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2007

Not neccessarily true, if you spend a long time at depth BUT come up to quicky then you are in trouble with the bends.

Also, for industrial and military divers maximum PPO2 is 1.8 - 2.0 however you have a much worse risk of bringing the CO2 levels up too high causing hypercapnia.

Problem - if you sink 10m underwater the volume of the bubble will half. To heat it up enough to float (assuming it was neutral at the surface) you would have to heat it up to about 300 degrees C (I think - I know volume is proportional to temperature in kelvin, and room temperature is roughly 300K, so to double the volume it would have to be 600K, roughly 300C) To get round this you could make the bubble non-compressible but then it would not be any more boyant no matter what the temeperature as the volume would not change.
-- miasere, Jul 13 2007

thanks for the correction Miasere :)

But if i just heat the case and leave the inside normal i could increase the total volume. as the bubble expands.

ps: with helium it is possible to get the bends aswell
-- IceFest, Jul 13 2007

//Not neccessarily true, if you spend a long time at depth BUT come up to quicky then you are in trouble with the bends.//
Grammar (and spelling) may be dodgy here, or maybe your understanding of DCS.
If you stay down a long time, then you will need a long time to come up.
The "BUT" is immaterial - if you come up from depth on air too quickly, you WILL suffer the bends.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2007

What if the machines in your bubble ran a generator, used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen?

The gases then are fed into a fuel cell.

This way, no super high temperatures are ever needed at one time (unlike a boiling water scheme), the water vapor that results will take up much more volume than the liquid original water (thus avoiding the otherwise necessary 300 degree air temp change or whatever), and no toxic gases result that will kill you before you can finish.

If the humidity would have to get higher than it is able to, then there could be an alternative design, where you just collect hydrogen and oxygen as your bouyant gases, in an attached envelope separated from the participant.
-- Smurfsahoy, Mar 24 2009

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