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Number Withheld Rejection Machine   (+5)  [vote for, against]
A spam filter for phones

This machine answers anonymous calls and plays a message which tells them why their call has not been answered by a person, and asks them to leave a number so you can call back.

But wait, that's not all. You can program the machine to reject certain numbers with a custom message.

Wait some more, what's your hurry, there's another feature. For those times when you are expecting a call from someone you know, you can program in their number and record a personal message, like "Hi mum, I just popped down the shops, I'll call you at about 9 when I get back"

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<disclaimer>Supplimentary features may already exist</disclaimer>
-- marklar, Oct 17 2007

Ovolab Phlink (call manager for OS X)
Play personalized greetings to known callers, based on their caller ID [Ander, Oct 18 2007]

Not a bad idea. Would be nice to have a button on the machine which you could press for 'reject' manually when you see the caller ID of someone you're hiding from.

An additional feature would be answering instantly and playing a 'disconnected line' tone followed by the actual 'disconnected line' message. beeeeeeeeep... this number is not in service....... beeeeeeeeep.... etc.
-- vincevincevince, Oct 17 2007

...or an answering machine which played a ringing tone, and carried on playing this ringing tone even after the call was picked up by the machine. Your answering machine would get filled up by messages from all your friends saying "Come on you bastard, answer the phone!".
-- hippo, Oct 17 2007

[hippo] I actually thought that would be a good feature for a phone a while ago after someone accidentally called me from their pocket just after speaking to me.
-- marklar, Oct 17 2007

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