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'Oh ho ho hoooo, Everybody was kung-fu fighting''

Turn the dojo into an instant dis-jo with these strobe light emiting nunchucks. Flares optional.
-- S-note, May 01 2010

(??) Flowchucks
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 01 2010]

For above
Working linky [whatrock, May 08 2016]

both terms are very dated!
-- po, May 01 2010

They span so fast it just flew off the end.
-- S-note, May 01 2010

good point - amended.
-- S-note, May 01 2010

-- calum, May 03 2010

//hybrid of dance, ballet and kung fu could be formulated// Wuxia films take a step in this direction: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers and The Bride With White Hair all share quite wonderfully graceful sequences between protagonists - well worth a watch.
-- zen_tom, May 09 2016

Also, the film "Zatoichi" (as well as being very funny) has some beautifully choreographed samurai fight sequences - well worth watching. Zatoichi also nicely recognises this similarity of fight sequences and dance by having everyone, in a rather random plot non-sequiter, break into dance at the end of the film, in an almost Bollywoodesque way.
-- hippo, May 09 2016

"Disco Disco Chuck, Disco Disco Chuck" etc. to the tune of Disco Duck.
-- popbottle, May 10 2016

//sequences between protagonists//

Technically, of course, each film can have only one protagonist. Any second character is a deuteragonist, and any third, a tritagonist, or possible gooseberry. If it is not obvious which *one* is the protagonist, then I suppose they're all just agonists until the fight is over. At which point, a badly dubbed voice says "I show *you* ... who is just deutelagonist".
-- pertinax, May 13 2016

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