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Discrete automated underwear

Ever had the problem of an itch(no, don't read between the lines) that you can scratch, but not in polite company? or have you just shaved downstairs and are at it all the time? well you need Ro's all new, soon to be released motorized ball scratching under pants.

How does it work? - an abrasive band driven by a small electric motor within the Y fronts encircles the offending appendages. The switch (bi-polar for forward and backward motion in case things become bound up) is located remotely -for example- a shirt cuff button. The batteries can be placed anywhere that is convenient - a pocket etc.

A retrofit version that could be used with your existing favourite pair will also be available.
-- the dog's breakfast, Feb 25 2007

I do like the idea, I just wish there were some way to do without the 'abrasive band.' Props for effort, tho'
-- monk, Feb 25 2007

How about a hand shaped object that can be inserted in a similar fashion to a panty-liner. It could be pneumatic and with one pump of the hand-held squeezy, it would inflate and grasp the offending itchy area. A gentle squeeze would induce a more fondlesque experience.

"Is that a hand in your pants or a you just itching to see me?"
-- marklar, Feb 25 2007

This idea is the dog's bollocks.
-- placid_turmoil, Feb 25 2007

[placid] - appropriately enough, you're half right.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2007

but are the dog's bollocks itching? i could set you up with a pair for him as well.
-- the dog's breakfast, Feb 26 2007

[MB] Which half then? The dog's, or bollocks?
-- placid_turmoil, Feb 26 2007

I agree with [monk] - "abrasive band driven by a small electric motor" sounds uncomfortably like "belt sander"
-- hippo, Feb 26 2007

And god knows I don't want that to happen again.
-- nomocrow, Feb 26 2007

I agree with hippo. No belt sander in my pants, thanks.
-- Noexit, Feb 26 2007

//Which half then? The dog's, or bollocks?// Three guesses.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2007

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