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Nutella Centrifuge   (+8)  [vote for, against]
Good to the last plop

An apparatus like a 'salad spinner' but for jars of gooey things like Nutella and peanut butter, to force the contents towards the lid and away from those impossible corners.
-- Steamboat, Jun 02 2015

alibaba.com: Gravy Centrifuge http://www.alibaba....tor_1992719149.html
Yours for upwards of $8,000, might be repurposed to support Nutella and other gooey substances. [zen_tom, Jun 02 2015]

I thought this was the standard size? https://wcti12.com/...ound-tub-of-nutella
[whatrock, Jun 01 2020]

A special attachment for the food processor?
-- wjt, Jun 02 2015

Could also be used as a gravy separator
-- hippo, Jun 02 2015

//gravy separator// There must be stuff online where people have subjected gravy to a centrifuge, I imagine the results would be striate nicely.
[edit] Aha! Industrial equipment for the mechanical separation of gravy products would appear to exist. Reducto ad gravium - Nutella isn't too far away.
-- zen_tom, Jun 02 2015


Alternately you could simply buy the vat-sized product [link] and chase those corners clean with a putty knife.
-- whatrock, Jun 01 2020

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