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A range of frozen meals made with tripe

I had a cunning plan for a range of frozen meals made with various bits of offal and tripe. I was initially inspired when walking around the office zombie-like muttering "Brains! Braaaaiiins!" (as one does), which led to the idea of a ready-meal with brains. The idea gained momentum: intestines, glands, stomach, eyes etc could all form the basis for a range of ready- meals.

Apparently all of these sweetbreads (growing up I never understood why they were sweetbreads and sweet treats were sweetmeats) are tasty and nutritious, and they are certainly cheap. As people move back toward eating 'real' food, and these items become increasingly popular again, the mnarket will boom! I am particularly confident of their reception among kids.

I even have an ad campaign for the brains one: a group of zombies staggering around (surprise surprise) groaning for fresh brains, with a voiceover: "Hungry for tasty, tasty brains? Try a new Mansell Meal with brains! They're offal-ly good!" Other slogans could include "Have you got the stomach for a Mansell Meal? (intestines version)"; "Triple your taste with Tripe!"; "A meal you can look in the eye!"; and "Be Glad wth Glands!". Any other suggestions are welcome.
-- therattle, Nov 16 2006

Al Barkat Exports http://www.agricult...t-foods-520032.html
"We aim to provide our customers a whole new experience in meat consumption."
Yeah, I bet you do.
"Dry Trachea, Tendons, Nose Bone, Tripe, Penis" [angel, Nov 16 2006, last modified Mar 25 2013]

Tripe in a jar http://sklep.bocian...2a2ee53d43e620155d0
They also sell pork head, meat with lard, soya chops and dumplings with strawberries. No, I don't know why, except that they're Polish. [angel, Nov 16 2006]

Potted Meat
the most popular products in the Southern US are the smaller cans labeled "Potted Meat" [Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006]

More (and worse) potted meat
There is not enough eeeww in the world. [angel, Nov 18 2006]

Braiinnss WIIGII! Seriously, though: gross. Funny gross, but still gross.
-- elhigh, Nov 16 2006

I dunno why everyone makes such a fuss about offal. Never had steak and kidney pie? Delicious. Offal is yummy.

Except for lungs. Don't even TALK to me about lungs.
-- squeak, Nov 16 2006

<edit: insert sarcastic tone> especially if the person smoked, i mean ewwwww!!! tastes like tar.. </sarcasm>
-- bleh, Nov 16 2006

-- DesertFox, Nov 16 2006

[angel] thanks for the absolutely disgusting yet hilarious links. Mmm...dry trachea. Just goes to show that reality is often weirder than one can imagine.

[bleh] they wouldn't be people's lungs (or any other body parts); but from more traditional eating animals like, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, giraffes, and yaks etc.

However, good idea! "Lovely, lovely lungs! (or luscious?) So light and airy!"
-- therattle, Nov 16 2006

your turning human waste into Goulash, you may want to seek help for that, I could sell you a Tie-died straightjacket =)
-- Ozzy, Nov 16 2006

-- abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006

in the US they have this product known as "Potted Meat". It has a "pop top" lid and you just use your knife to spread out the "innard" goodness onto your white bread. Most US southerner's put a big slice of salted tomato on it too.

yum (not!)
-- Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

Tripe is a delicacy in Portugal. I think this could really work there. It's not for me to decide whether someone should eat a cows stomach, after all. Just don't invite me to dinner. Unless you want human vomit for dessert.
-- jtp, Nov 17 2006

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