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Office Supplies Paper Weight Maker   (0)  [vote for, against]
mashing your useless office supplies into a convenient paper weight

Simply discard bent paper clips, used staples, snapped rubber bands, or any other useless office supplies into this device. With two handles on different sides, you pull the vertical handle to crush the materials down, and pull the horizontal lever to squash them together. Do it correctly and you have a home-made (or office-made) office supply cube. Serves as a paper weight, although you would need a lot of materials for it to be heavy.
-- ghillie, Jun 08 2004

i like. should take staples and rubberbands too. (+)
-- xclamp, Jun 08 2004

Yeah, that's a good idea, it'd make it a lot heavier (kinda). Thanks! *adds*
-- ghillie, Jun 08 2004

Will need a filler to keep it all together, perhaps the goo found at the bottom of coffee pots that have been left on the burner over night?
-- kbecker, Jun 08 2004

+1 wee bit disappointed as I thought this might be a box that you could open and find *useful* items inside.
-- po, Jun 09 2004

kbecker: I put down glue, but that would tend to be messy, and hard to get out. Maybe a magnet in the middle? No, that wouldn't work... would glue?

po: what kind of 'useful items' are you talking about?
-- ghillie, Jun 09 2004

:) unbent paperclips, unsnapped rubber bands, unused staples, wee sharpener, clean rubber, safety pin...
-- po, Jun 09 2004

blue tack to bind it?
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

shirley one ring to bind it all
-- engineer1, Jun 09 2004

[-] Just take a ceramic coffee mug and stick your pencils and pens in it. Lot less money, and more than 1 use.
-- Pocketassreturn, Jun 12 2004

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