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Become the 'King of Waking'!

The Olympic Waking Competition is a biathlon consisting of the following two events:

Waking Where You Want To:

The competitors doze off while travelling on a bus down a known route. When they wake, they raise their hands. The competitor who wakes up closest to the finish line score the most points.

Waking When You Want To:

The competitors go to bed, knowing an alarm has been set for a certain time. The competitor who wakes closest to when the alarm goes off scores most points.

Competitors who wake up late in either event score zero points. Officials watch for head-nodding, snoring, dribbling, and other signs of genuine sleepfulness to make sure no-one is cheating.

TV audiences enjoy the excitement of waiting for the competitors to wake. The tension mounts as the finish line / alarm time approaches - who will win, and who will wake too late?

The competitor with most points across the two events is crowned the 'King of Waking'. (We remind journalists to please type carefully when reporting on the event.)

The context:

I'm good at both these things. I'd like it if there was a Waking Challenge in the Olympics so that the brilliance of my subconscious powers of awareness can be suitably acknowledged.
-- imaginality, Jan 05 2007

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[imaginality, Jan 05 2007]

People still watch Big Brother, people will watch anything. I imagine the event would be covered like the Olympic 10,000 metres or marathon coverage - showing a few minutes here and there between coverage of other events, and then crossing over again to cover the finishing stages.
-- imaginality, Jan 05 2007

it's very complicated - wake up when it's a bit simpler, and have this croissant with your coffee [+], then wake me up too.
-- xenzag, Jan 05 2007

[boysparks], I wonder if that's why old people tend to need less sleep - all the extra guilt they've accumulated over decades of misbehaving?

[xenzag], thanks for the bun, it gave me the energy to simplify the description a bit. Wakey wakey.
-- imaginality, Jan 06 2007

I would like to watch this. Perhaps not very often. On the other hand, I wouldn't like to be televised while I'm asleep.

Cheaters would have to get in the habit of dribbling while they're awake.

I imagined a different idea: people have to wake up and perform a task quickly. Maybe they start a 100 metre race asleep. As soon as the starter pistol fires, they're supposed to wake up and run the race.
-- caspian, Jan 08 2007

That could also be interesting. At the very least, it should put an end to false starts.
-- imaginality, Jan 08 2007

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