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On road GPS   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Obvious credit for 21 Quest for firing up the ovens for me on this one

HUD systems are widely known to exist and a GPS version has been baked here before (linky). This is different as it does not show the map but instead shows the direction arrows on the HUD as if they were on the road infront.

If you are ment to go straight on along a road the HUD will overlay a 3D image on the windscreen blocking off the wrong turns in a similar way to racing games. When you come to the correct turn a large arrow will be inprinted on the road (not literally of course).

These arrows and blocked off areas would be easily visible through so you can see other cars, but the perspective would move with the car, keeping the image in the appropriate place.
-- miasere, Jan 23 2006

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