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Headphones that prevent others from listening in

I had an experience the other day in which my headphones were snatched violently from my head, and the guilty party listened to about 20 seconds of music. Of course you know, Murphy's Law made it the weirdest part of the entire album, that I didn't even really like. Now, the guilty party thinks I like some kind of... I tihnk you get it.
My proposal is thus: an earring with a small RFID or Bluetooth (or plani ol' magnetic strip?) device embedded. The headphones have a matching reader, and if it is not detected, They do not play.
This could obviously be disabled by removing the earring and placing it in a compartment in the side of the headphones.
The resulting effect is that when Joe Schmuck steals my headphones and listens, they hear nothing.
Even more ideally, the headphones would pause the player (as discussed in another idea).
-- roleohibachi, Feb 08 2006

Auto-Pause headphones Auto-pause_20headphones
By [sadie] [roleohibachi, Feb 08 2006]

Aikido link http://www.aikidofa...m/introduction.html
You don't have to be the beta male. [Zimmy, Feb 08 2006]

Cranial resistivity headphone activation Cranial_20resistivi...dphone_20activation
[hippo, Feb 08 2006]

The action you describe sounds like an action in dominance by a believer in Alpha Male society.

Please don't let 'em do it again. Your music is your own pleasure.

If you fear the bully, see link.
-- Zimmy, Feb 08 2006

//One-man's Headphones// ....are another man's Ilium Muffs.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 08 2006

thanks [zimmy], spent over an hour on that link.
-- zeno, Feb 08 2006

Erm...why didn't you just hit the "Stop" button?

And really, I don't think any amount of technology is going to protect you from boisterous friends.
-- DrCurry, Feb 08 2006

//I don't think any amount of technology is going to protect you from boisterous friends// A taser might.
-- coprocephalous, Feb 08 2006

Not if I rewired it while you weren't looking.
-- DrCurry, Feb 08 2006

Ha! The aggressive alpha male is, in fact, an alpha female. Maybe a taser could be incorporated into the 'phones, so that when they were stolen, the guilty party would be given an electrical lobotomy!
-- roleohibachi, Feb 08 2006

The activation mechanism could be cranial resistivity (see link), so that the headphones only work when they detect the pre-calibrated resistivity of your head between the L and R sides.
-- hippo, Feb 08 2006

Or maybe just pick up on the hormones. Although if the boisterous friend in question is a female, I'm thinking the problem is something other than her stealing your headphones.
-- DrCurry, Feb 08 2006

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