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One Handed Notebook Stand   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Take notes with one hand.

This device holds a notebook out infront of one's hand so that notes can be taken one handed.

There are three parts. The first is a backing on which a notebook is placed. This backing is parallel to one's hand.

The second is an arm that extends from the backing to one's wrist. This arm holds the notebook (attached to the backing) the perfect distance away from one's hand).

The third is a clasp, like a bracelet, that holds the entire unit to one's arm.

To use the One Handed Notebook Stand simply put it on, pick up a pen or a pencil, and begin moving your hand in a manner that would facilitate the placement of pen residues upon the notebook paper in coherent symbols and patterns. To move the notebook up and down simply use the pen to push the notebook up or down via the arm previously mentioned.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

"To move the notebook up and down simply use the pen to push the notebook up or down"

If pushing the pen moves the notebook down, then how can pushing the pen write?
-- robinism, Jan 28 2005

To move it down, push down. To move it up, push up. To write, push against the notebook(which is niether up nor down, but out).
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

I don't know about you, but I push the pen in directions other than straight in to the plane of the paper when writing.

Could there be little, erm, penholes in the backing, to the side, but corresponding to each line on the paper? Maybe you could stick the pen in these holes and use that to apply sufficient pressure to slide the tablet up and down while still allowing enough friction in the mechanism to hold the tablet in place for writing.

Still, the paper seems to want to slide around when you're writing on a bottom corner. I don't know if you could put enough pressure on it with your hand in this rig to counteract that. Rough paper maybe?
-- half, Jan 28 2005

How hard do you push when you write? It takes very little pressure to mark on paper. In anycase, the pen holes are a good idea, let it be done. As for the paper sliding around, the backing holds it in place with a clip or something.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

Could you use looseleaf paper? Shift the page up with the heel of your hand as you write, and leave the bottom few inches of the page blank. That way you don't have to move the whole backing up as you go from line to line.

Problem: The "backing" is going to want to tilt away from your arm when you apply pressure on the notepad. Solution - Use two bracelets, so you can anchor the notepad to your arm at two points.

Problem - The "Bracelets" are going to twist around on the arm due the weight of the pad/backing. Solution - work with it, by keeping your palm facing downward.

To minimize the pressure needed to write, always use a fresh felt-tip pen.
-- robinism, Jan 28 2005

I think there's a really good idea in there. My critical comments are just minor details.

You could use it to support handheld computers too, for pen input.
-- robinism, Jan 28 2005

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