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One Pound Butcher's Shop   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
Where everything weighs a lb and costs a £

The One Pound Butcher's shop rewards wisdom and discerning. Products include meat, cheese and a really fat wasp in the window.
-- spiritualized, Jun 13 2005

Very well synthesized. [+]
-- daseva, Jun 14 2005

Wow, that's much better value than the local Metric Butcher's Shop, where everything weighs a kilo and costs a kilo.
-- Adze, Jun 14 2005

Wow, that's a really really fat wasp.
-- hidden truths, Jun 14 2005

If you're like me, you are easily (or not so easily) baffled.

Think about this.... The butcher shop itself must weigh and cost a pound, as does everything else in it. So, what if I took out the window. Now the window costs/weighs a pound. Interesting. A rare case where the sum of the parts weighs/costs more then the whole? In a way, it's like a sort of fusion. Splitting the pieces up, but they still retain their traits. [+] for getting some very freaky math going on.

: )
-- Night, Jun 14 2005

[Nylon] I wonder then if standard pound shops themselves cost a pound. I'd buy one and convert it into a trendy wine bar.
-- spiritualized, Jun 14 2005

I'll take that really fat White Anglo-Saxon Pork.
-- FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2005

How much is that wasp in the window?
-- crater, Jun 14 2005

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