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One minute mardi gras   (+18, -2)  [vote for, against]
One minute of silence, followed by one mintue of disrespect

One week/month/year after a major terrorist strike, it is often customary to observe one minute of silence to show respect for the fallen.

I propose that the silent minute is followed by a full on, all-dancing, all-kissing, all-drinking, naked mini- mardi gras.

Besides the fun of such event, it might just serve to show that the community being targetted has not had the joy knocked out of it. The 'masterminds' [ugh] can know that they have caused 'x' deaths, but also 'x hundred' or 'x thousand' random kisses, gulps of unholy beer, displays of public nudity and rampant enjoyment of life.

Streamers thrown from windows, teenagers mooning out of car windows, rock guitars at full distortion, food fights, fizzy champagne!

I think the grave, quiet, sad respect part is important, but if we can mix it with in-your-face partying and enjoyment, part of the effect of the attack is lost forever.

[Thoughts, love and respect goes out to the victims of all acts of terror.]
-- not_only_but_also, Jul 27 2005

For those wondering who dear Boris is. http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Boris_Johnson
Search for "Liverpool" [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 27 2005]

(?) Masque
This idea could backfire. [pertinax, Jun 28 2006]

A nice idea, but I disapprove of these near-mandatory public displays of emotion (and the inflation in the amount you're supposed to show. One minute isn't enough now, you've got to grieve for a solid two minutes). These started in a big way in the UK after the death of Pricess Diana (who couldn't be bothered to wear a seatbelt) and, apart from their mawkish element, I worry they're more about those grieving ("Look at me! I'm concerned!") than what's being grieved about. Maybe I'm just old and cynical. End of rant.
-- hippo, Jul 27 2005

Nicely put [hippo]. Are you related to Boris Johnson by any chance? ;-)
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 27 2005

Reminds me of those Kitkat ads where everyone in some staid setting goes ape for the duration of the ad. Instant parties are fine by me.
-- DrCurry, Jul 27 2005

I can't possibly see all the drunk and half-naked young ladies I want to in just one minute. I propose, say, two hours of silence for every memorial if this catches on.
-- shapu, Jul 27 2005

[+] This has a nice yin-yang balance.
-- xandram, Jun 27 2006

This one seems to suggest that our emotions are like a light switch that can be easily turned on and off in less than a minute. I don't like it. However, I'm going to remain neutral because I don't think it's intent was mean-spirited.
-- zigness, Jun 27 2006

I feel that this will cast a shadow of sadness over kissing, celebrating, etc. in general; I don't want to see those things marred by memories of sadness.
-- phundug, Jun 27 2006

As so often, I'm with hippo on this one. Although I also think that the footballing solution of a minute's applause instead of a minutes silence is a good idea.
-- DrBob, Jun 28 2006

I'm keen on having a good time - but don't want it linked to the actions of a group of paramilitaries.

Those people willing to blow things up don't give a damn about whether we like it or not - all they're interested in is their own grasping of some political end. Whether you shed tears, or enjoy nude-disco-dancing in response to their efforts is of no consequence to them whatsoever.

Despite the over-used moniker, they don't really care whether they 'terrorise' or otherwise spread fear amongst the population - what they want is to gain kudos and political power back in their own areas and regions of operation. Us reacting *in any way whatsoever* actually legitimises and empowers those who engage in these kinds of acts.

So, having said all that, can we still have the one-minute mardi gras anyway, just for no particular reason?
-- zen_tom, Jun 28 2006

[zen_tom] Unbeknownst to you, my friend and I use the code *for no particular reason* when we want to get together to drink and party in general. haha
-- xandram, Jun 28 2006

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