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Halfbakery: Users
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Because I want to know if there's even anyone around to read my useless ideas

No displays of who is online, nothing complex. Just something somewhere on the front page that discreetly tells you that there are X users online.
Like I said in the summary, this is because I want to know if theres even anyone around to potentially read a new idea I post.
-- kaz, Jun 28 2005

active users active_20users
by Boab Kiddley. Not the same. [calum, Jun 28 2005]

Hey, I can call my own ideas useless thank you very much. Have you never heard of a <plug>Time Blimp?</plug>
-- kaz, Jun 28 2005

I like the one with the Croissant Nunchuks, but I'm cheap like that.

This idea is a good one too[+]
-- zen_tom, Jun 28 2005

what UB said. always a pleasure to see kaz.
-- po, Jun 28 2005

I'm here now, but I don't have IM coz I'm at work. I do have IM at home, but it's not always on coz I forget. Anyway, my HB screen-name isn't the same as my IM name.
If I just annotated something, I'm probably online. Plus, I might be online even if I haven't just annotated something.
Does that help?
-- angel, Jun 28 2005

I'm pretty sure I'm online. Either that or you're all suffering from mass hallucination.
-- kaz, Jun 28 2005

spiritus mundi...

[Pa'va] what a dope!
-- daseva, Jun 28 2005

How many, I wonder, log in but are not active. With broadband connections I can't see much reason to log off (is that a mistaken idea?). Then the display of who is online becomes who hasn't logged off.
-- Ling, Jun 28 2005

I'll bet few log off. I don't.

Presence indication usually requires an IM like connection or, at the very least, logic that logs users off of a site after a set amount of inactivity so that the act of logging on can be used to indicate presence.
-- bristolz, Jun 28 2005

I log in about once a year, if I have to clear my cookies to make something work that's broken. No way do I want to log in everytime I take a look. But it can be done automatically; a news site I frequent occaisionally pops my user profile up on the online list after the first article I read, without my doing anything.
-- oxen crossing, Jun 28 2005

I'm not online right now, but I'll probably check in later.

//I think [kaz] has a pretty good idea how the place works. You might like to sneak a peek at [kaz]'s profile page. //

Heh... this was the person asking bakers to put more info on profile pages. Don't think it'll help much if you don't look.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 28 2005

Could you need more information that a halfbaker's geek code?
-- kaz, Jun 29 2005

Simple HTML-based websites like the halfbakery work based on individual requests, not based on steady connections. It's less like a phone call, more like passing notes in class. So, you'd have to come up with a pattern that means that someone is "reading the site," say, X accesses in Y minutes.

More philosophically, this would be a feature that enhances the social aspects of the halfbakery - makes it feel more like a place that people hang out at to socialize, less like a database. Basically, it would push us further on the way towards becoming a chat room. And I can't stand the bloody things.

In short, if you see me implement this, it would be safe to conclude that alien brain slugs have taken control of my body.
-- jutta, Jun 29 2005

And that is far worse than the domestic kind.
-- bristolz, Jun 29 2005

Thinking about it, I know that I'm logged on at a couple of different locations so really using my own idea, it would appear that I'd be highlighting the flaws in it. Ah well.
-- kaz, Jun 29 2005

fishin' supplies shops might have them.
-- po, Jun 29 2005

[UB] - parliament.
-- Detly, Jun 29 2005

I don't view animation so your drawings will never grace my lines of sight.
-- mensmaximus, Jun 29 2005

-- kaz, Jun 29 2005

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