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Seduction techniques applied to all group dynamic behavior

basically it is Open Source Psychology Vido Blog with videos of not-neccesarily-pick-up-related educational videos on group dynamic techniques.

so with all of these video cell phones around people could take all the stuff off youtube that is really educational about the way people - especially teenagers - abuse eachother, and they could put it up on the blog with psychological commentary.

seduction gurus like Mystery and Neil Strauss teach valuable lessons about personal interaction that could save people alot of pain if widely applied.
-- JesusHChrist, Aug 07 2007

Wikipedia: "seduction" community http://en.wikipedia...Seduction_community
Prepare for a trip down yet another rabbit hole of self-help subculture. [jutta, Aug 08 2007]

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I'd get my psychology advice elsewhere. But the idea doesn't depend on who does the analysis.

This would suffer similar effects as reality television (i.e., faking, people acting on camera, voyeurism and alienation). But some people watch reality TV, and some people, I'm sure, would watch this.
-- jutta, Aug 07 2007

This is great. Could be like the distributed YouTube rebirth of Erving Goffman. But like *applied*. Finally all that symbolic interactionism in usable form. God save us all.
-- sbowles, Aug 08 2007

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