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Make Optimum use of pencils

Most of the times, we use only 3/4 of the total length of a Pencil, because it inconvenient to write and sharpen. The remaining portion is either thrown away or lost. The manufacturers can make the pencil only 3/4 of its current length and attach a 1/4 length dummy extension at the end. This extension can house an eraser.
-- concept, Jun 08 2003

Wouldn't people just start using 3/ 4 of the usable pencil, and discard the rest along with the dummy extention?
-- Kevlar, Jun 08 2003

The pencil extender is an extension to the normal pencil. The total lengh of the pencil with extender is longer than the regular pencil. In my idea, the extender will be a part of the pencil in its standard length. So people can use the 3/4 the length and throw away the remaining portion .
-- concept, Jun 08 2003

Sheesh. Get a mechanical pencil like everyone else, and stop wasting wood.
-- DrCurry, Jun 08 2003

you can't chew those so easily :)
-- po, Jun 08 2003

Sure you can, just get a set of titanium teeth.
-- krelnik, Jun 09 2003

What if the person holding the pencil *is* the dummy extension? Might cause confusion and/or random acts of violence.
-- thumbwax, Jun 09 2003

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