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Use a slide instead of an elevator

Have the option to use a slide from your floor at office or apartment building instead of waiting on an elevator. Have maintenance workers slide down the enclosed, all-weather tubes once an hour or so with dust-attracting suits so that your business suit doesn't get filthy. Have a covered area at the bottom to open umbrellas and gather yourself. More practical than waterslides (see link), which put a damp-er (bad pun intended)on your attire. You have to buy insurance to use this, b/c some idiots will implale themselves on their umbrella. Use your insurance card to activate the entrance door to the slide. This door also allows for a time delay to give time for previous occupants to remove themselves from harm's way. If this sounds jumbled, it's b/c I was thinking it out as I was typing it. Judge the idea, not the presentation.
-- goober, Mar 10 2003

Slide system too long and costly to be effective. [goober, Oct 05 2004]

Waterslide culture http://www.halfbake.../waterslide-culture
Not too practical since your clothes get soaked. [goober, Oct 05 2004]

Emergency Slide, found via Google http://www.halfbake...a/Emergency_20Slide
sort of halfbaked and baked as fire escape tubes [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004]

During WWII, DMWD developed something similar to allow the rapid disembarkation of troops from landing ships onto a beach. Somewhat unoriginally, it was condenamed "Helter-Skelter". It worked quite well, apparently.

This sounds fun. (+).
-- 8th of 7, Mar 10 2003

Adults don't slide enough. (+)
-- Worldgineer, Mar 10 2003

a metalslot track on the building to the ground .latch on and escape from any floor out the window
-- montie, Apr 23 2003

A metalslot track wouldn't be as aesthetically-appealing as multi-colored tubes. Plus, they couldn't be used in any type of weather.
-- goober, May 21 2003

goober, did you lose your own idea? you are dafter than me! have you had a go on my extreme bannisters yet? I think you would enjoy.
-- po, May 21 2003

No, I didn't lose it. Someone had posted an emergency slide as a half-baked idea similar to mine. Apparently it's gone now though. I sprained my ankle on your bannister. The lawsuit should be arriving soon.
-- goober, May 21 2003

sorry you signed a disclaimer when you paid your admittance. no responsibility taken by the management blah blah blah
-- po, May 21 2003

<arms crossed and pouting> hmph. <arms crossed and pouting>
-- goober, May 21 2003

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