Food: Delivery
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Like pizza delivery, but slow food.

After selecting from a catalogue of German-American foods, mail off your dinner order a few days in advance. The Amish restaurateurs prepare your order, and then send it out hot, with the delivery guy.

Your neighbors are shocked and awed as the black hat wearing wicker basket carrying bearded man climbs out of the horse draw buggy in front of your house.* You pay in kind.**

*Delivery may not be available in all areas.

**Cash is preferred. Free if your basket arrives more than 3 hours later than arranged.
-- Laughs Last, Nov 15 2003

My use of this is only meant to play on words, not for an inclusion of a religious subtext. [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Why not just call?
The Amish have begun using cell it won't be long until this idea goes the way of the Amish. [Overpanic, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Most useful for other Amish.

"Praise the Lord, Abner, our bova shankel and wet bottom shoe-fly has arrived."
-- waugsqueke, Nov 15 2003

Or, you could call them on their cell phones [link].
-- Overpanic, Nov 16 2003

<Brother Homer>mmmm, shooooe-flyyyyy</Brother Homer>
-- thumbwax, Nov 17 2003

Title suggestion "Deutsches Essen Lieferservice" . (german food delivery service)

Ordnung is order as in shipshape, orderly, correct or system.

By the way, what exactly *is* german-american food like?
-- squeak, Nov 17 2003

A frankfurter in a Mcdonalds bun.
-- skinflaps, Nov 17 2003

"I am a donut"
-- squeak, Nov 17 2003

good for you.
-- blueturtle, Jul 13 2004

I'm glad my donuts don't use the computer. they leave icing everywhere.
-- schematics, Jul 13 2004

Amish ovens take longer to cook. I'll go to Pizza Hut for now.
-- croissantz, Oct 11 2004

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