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Vehicle: Bicycle: Suspension
Oscillite Bike   (-1)  [vote for, against]
Rapid vertical oscillations create a rapid bouncing effect.

The vertical oscillating bicycle has a very responsive suspension system. The suspension only operates within a very limited stroke. Instead of shock absorbtion the result are very rapid oscillations. This system converts the wasted energy of the shock load into a kind of bouncing.

In effect the bicycle cannot move without bouncing. The entire frame of the bike orbits around wheel hubs, as those hubs themselves rotate. This slight displacement from concentricity to a concentric orbit causes to frame to move reciprocally. The front and back wheels are timed much the same as bike pedals. When one is at the height of its orbit the other is at its lowest.

Simply by holding onto the handlebars and pressing on the pedals the frame will begin to rotate at the same time as the wheel hubs. The forward momentum provided by the wheel hubs and the direct act of pedalling is independant of the action of the frame. As the two centres of rotation are not greatly offset the bike oscillates rapidly.
-- rcarty, Jun 10 2012 [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 10 2012]

Distant relative... Grasshopper_20cycle
[normzone, Jun 11 2012]

Kinda, sorta... baked.
The front-wheel drive version any way. [link]
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 10 2012

Come to think of it I have seen that before. What I'm really looking for is more of a performance bicycle that uses both pedal power and the oscillations. Think of it, with the riders grasping the handlebars and pedalling they can use just their upper body strength to row the frame around its orbit, by lifting and dropping it.

Think of the powerful surges that such a bike would be capable of.
-- rcarty, Jun 10 2012

Think of the lousy handling that such a bike would have.
-- MechE, Jun 11 2012

Think of the torn ligaments such a bike would likely cause. An orthopedic surgeon's dream.
-- Alterother, Jun 11 2012

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